Wednesday, 11 April 2012

CR Fashion Book...

Carine Roitfeld might just be my most favourite person in fashion...maybe on a par with Dello Russo...i can't possibly decide! You may remember a few weeks back i reported on Roitfeld's own magazine to be published??! Well, in case you missed that one, then fear not as we have more details here!!! To be named CR Fashion Book (in relation to her own initials...) it is all set to be "a celebration of fashion creativity!" She intends to bring in well-known fashion names and new talent! Always a winner!!! Roitfeld isn't wanting to be in competition with any other fashion magazine of the moment! Which to be fair there are so many on the market and so many are established, well-respected and have been around for years, you couldn't possibly try and compete with the likes of Vogue. It genuinely is so many people's bible!!! She wants it to be something different which is why it shall only be published quarterly and focussing on art, culture and fashion! It will retail at £6 (I would totally spend that!) and out of the 50,000 copies to be produced, half of these will be issued in Europe with the rest in the US and Asia! An online presence is also ALWAYS welcome, i spend half of my life online! I shall most definitely be the first in the queue to order this!
Subscription please!!!Xxx

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