Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Damien Hirst...

Stuck in London and wondering what to do next??! This is criminal in itself, not only are you in the capital anyway but there should never be a moment that you are stuck for something to do in this amazing city. I am more than certain that the majority of you will be familiar with the fabulous Southbank. The best place to head for if you are ever at a loose end, come rain or shine this place is always bustling!!! And of course it houses the ultimate in art museums, The Tate Modern. Yesss! Prior to my move South i had only ever visited the Tate at Albert Dock, Liverpool! Not particularly bowled over by the experience i was unsure about visiting the capitals, however, i ventured and i was hooked!!!

And if you haven't been yet, then this is why you should...

One of the most influential artists of his generation. Damien Hirst. As powerful and thought-provoking now as his first emergence way back in 1988. This latest exhibition brings together Hirst's work from over the past twenty years. See his Natural History exhibit which shows a shark suspended in formaldehyde. In & Out Of Love, a two-part installation that hasn't been fully shown since 1990. Full of iconic sculptures, seminal paintings and his 1992 Pharmacy, there are more than a few highlights that make this a MUST-SEE!!!

Whether you're an avid art fanatic or not this will definitely not diappoint. Running from April 4th-Septhember 9th making it perfect for the Summer holiday trips, it is priced at £15.50. May seem slightly steep but this is one of those 'once in a blue moon' type exhibitions. One not to be missed. And i have my very own southern beaut Dan waiting in Le Capitale to go and see it with! Ahhh perfect!!!

Don't. Miss. Out. Whatever you do!!!Xxx

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