Thursday, 12 April 2012

Exclusive Glamour Collection...

12th April. The day the Exclusive Glamour Collection landed in my favourite high-street hit, H&M!!! Absolutely amazing take-offs of red carpet style dresses. This collection comes as sister to the eco-friendly 'Conscious line. Due to the fabrics used being mainly organic cotton, hemp and silk (perfect!) along with recycled polyester! The line has already been worn by Michelle Williams and Viola Davis and Amanda Seyfried...
The style varies form a floor-length ruffled gown to a lime green skater style dress! But i think this is what makes H&M so popular and accessible. There is always something for anyone of any age or size. They never stick with one look and instead produce a whole host of items in each collection. Their boutique lines are simply amazing and the prices always pleasing. This particular collection ranges from a mere £19.99 to £199. Any budget welcome!
For me H&M never disappoints and they certainly haven't this time around! From work attire to that wedding day or night, the dresses are chic, stylish, wearable and perfectly eco-friendly! The one destination you simply have to hit when striding down the high-street. And here is just one more reason why!!!Xxx

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