Wednesday, 4 April 2012

'& Other Stories'...

Whether one has heard the rumours or not i feel that i must report on this anyway! H&M became my shoppers paradise back in 1996, there wasn't even one anywhere near me at this time. It was whilst on a school trip to Germany that i came across it and have been slighty obsessed with the place ever since! Years down the line and it just keeps on going from strength to strength. Collaborations with the likes of Madonna, Lagerfeld, McCartney, theres is nothing they have't done!!! And even now there is talk of a luxury label descending from the H&M dynasty. Press Offiver Hacan Andersson confirmed to French news agency Relaxnews that the brand will be named '& Other Stories'. Set at a higher price point, this new collection or even chain (set to be released in 2013 if the rumours are true!) will be somewhat of an 'Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection!' Just marvellous!

Watch this space!!!Xxx

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