Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Summer, Summer, Summertime...

I said i would be back and i am NEVER one to disappoint! HERE I AM and right back to it!

So, last week we were basking in the glorious English sunshine, sipping wine on the veranda, dining out on balconies and laying out in parks. BBQ's were...most probably burning and festivities of Summer were fuelling much laughter and fun. And now here we are, a week later, building snowmen and scraping cars!!! To be perfectly honest this doesn't shock me, "Summer" normally brings a mixture of weather our way anyway so the best thing to do is to make the most of it while it's here...and try to avoid the horrid flu inbetween times! Or if you're me, you totally escape this rapidly changing sun/snow and head for sunnier climes. And with less than a week to go i clearly have no time to waste!

A rather stunning collection of bikinis from H&M. Amazing look at such an amazing price. With the tops ranging from £9.99 to £12.99 and bottoms at just £7.99, who cares if they end up in the bottom of your wardrobe upon your return. Flattering colours and flattering shapes, the moulded top is definitely the way forward! Keep it respectful ladies ♥

Limited Edition Maxi Dress, Primark.
Ideal for throwing on over a bikini or teamed with wedges for the night, the thigh length split makes this totally do-able!. H&M also have an identical one available in cobalt blue and black! All three please!!!

Miss KG Madison, £25.
Remember when you were a kid by the seaside and you HAD to have a pair of jelly sandals EVERY year??! Maybe that was just me! Well these are exactly the same. Sooo comfortable to walk in! They do come in other colours if you're not a massive fan of cerise pink (who isn't??!) and the diamante effect is just uber-pretty for the night! If you were hoping to get more for your money then take a little trip to Primark! WOWWW! They have such a huge selection of these, ones with bows, charms, black, navy! Oooh it's like sandal paradise AND they're only £4. AMAZE! ♥

MOTO High Waist Denim Hotpants, £32.
Who doesn't like a pair of denim cut-offs on holiday! I practically live in mine!!! So many available at the moment. I am a massive fan of my vintage Levi's, so check out Blue Rinse on ASOS or visit their long-standing shop in Leeds! Vintage heaven!!!

My dress of the moment! (Or at least a take on it!) Mine has cut out sides just revealing a respectful amount of flesh! Ideal for Bank Holiday Sunday drinks and perfect for those Summer nights strolling along the beach! River Island sale IS the place to be at the moment!! This little beauty was £35 NOW £15. You have no reason not to buy it at those prices ♥

Bold Stripe Maxi Dress, £14.
George at Asda really does have some finds! Perfct colour, perfect length, perfect price. There are no other words!!!

Another Asda bargain, £8 for the frilly top and £4 for the bottoms! LOVES!!!

And finally, i have to leave with a bit of floral! H&M really are doing us proud this season with the amount of florals they are producing. I just can't get enough!!! And at £14.99 it will become one of those staple pieces of Summer. Work or play it's just sunshine perfection!

Well there you have it! Days without a computer resulting in a mammoth post of new finds and must-haves. Let's hope the sun comes back out to play and these latest buys aren't only worn for our weeks holidaying in another country! Stay strong England, let us show off our tans upon our return!!!


Excited ♥ ♥ ♥ Xxx

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