Thursday, 31 May 2012

Loving In Las Leeds...

Life doesn't always go the way you wish and to be fair i wouldn't want it any other way! I always imagine what kind of person i would be if i could have anything and be anyone...not me that's for sure!!! Realisations of any sort can be sad yet necessary, not what we would choose but clearly for a reason. So on days like that i find being around the people who are a constant, a strength, the most perfect plan. Time with the family can be rare these days, work and play are often intertwined with what better way to spend a day off than shopping with the most important people in my life ♥

I used to be a professional shopper...and i had the wardrobes as my proof. As i have got older i have become more sensible, plus when you spend all day in a shop the novelty of walking around less pleasing ones certainly does wear off. However, after the soaring temperatures of the past couple of weeks, melting at work has become something of the ordinary, but it made it clear that my wardrobe needed addressing. Now, i do have rather a bit of body art...well, a lot actually! Oh i thought i was so clever adding to my collection month after month, never thinking of the time when i would actually have to cover up!! And let me tell you, it's a hard task! Especially when the fashions are all short-sleeved or sleeveless. So in the middle of all the scantily clad girls you get little old me...blazer, tights, sweating!!! So attractive! I decided that there had to be some way around this so i headed to the shops to see what i could possibly find.

Zara will never fail me (please don't hold me to that!) Here i came across a rather delightful (neon) blazer, never one to blend in and you definitely can't in this. At only £60 i couldn't possibly leave it, worn with jeans (as i am at present! Heading out of the door and still taking the time to blog first! Dedication!) with cropped trousers, over a dress or with a pencil skirt it will fast become a staple item in my summer wardrobe!

My lovely sister went for the Fantasy blazer in mint, although it does also come in pink! I believe this was £70 but totally worth it. Not only does it look stunning on but the fabric is lighter than mine so a lot more breatable for when the weather can't decide what it wants to do!

Mummy Carole always likes a look in Debenhmas, purely for the designer diffusion lines. For a woman of her years she definitely still has the looks, lets hope it runs in the genes! She found me yet another blazer which i snapped up without even trying...

Yes, it's lace. And it's black! Perfect for those hot afternoons at work, over a strapless number on a night and oh my god i am never going to take this off! In fact, i think i may even venture back for the cream one and at only £38 there was no way this wasn't leaving the shop with me ♥

Going back to the tropical, colourful trend of previous posts, this was just perfect if only for me imagining myself being in that very scene (such a vivid imagination you see!) On those long hot days in the height of summer, holiday season or over skinnies and wedges, at 20 quid what is there not to like??! Chiffon means lightweight and airy, and the colour is so neutral that under a blazer (obviously!) of any colour it will simply be divine...

Ahhh...perfect ♥

River Island. £30.

Topshop fishtail top. £36.

H&M. £12.99. A basic vest can never go a-miss in a summer wardrobe.

Miss. Selfridge. £28. Cut-out maxi is ideal with gladiators or heels. BBQ-ing or dancing, you definitely can't go wrong!

Tropical Print Dress. £50.

ASOS. £32. With added zip detail so can always be looser around the ankle if desired but the colour is daring, summery and elegant!

Prada. That is all.

Now please understand that i don't own all of this! I am no longer a serial shopper, i gave that up for Lent...! I am merely giving you a snippet of what's in the shops at the moment and what i fell in love with! Yes, yes i DO own SOME of it but it was all absolutely necessary!

Now, if you'll forgive me, i have a pink Gin in hand (carrying babies and bags just called for it!) and a car awaiting ♥

Happy Bank Holiday and a glorious Jubilee weekend!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012



Birds Of Paradise...

These early starts are becoming somewhat of a habit. Approximately 10 hours sleep over the last three nights and i am still alive and kicking. Slightly worrying really! With my morning fix of The Liver Birds and Bread (living in the 80's much??!) my mood is bound to start off great! Not to mention the sun still shining and a lovely short shift at work! I am well aware that my posts have been few and far between of late, and not very fashion orientated at that! As a result i have been ctaching up on my daily emails and picking out the best of the buys. The one thing i do love is how much the high-street shops are changing. Anytime i venture into H&M or Zara i must find a whole host of things i could buy. With the majority being clones of the catwalk!!!

My most favoured look this season simply has to be the floral, tropical inspired! Or as Net-A-Porter so aptly calls it 'Birds of Paradise.'

Sandro, £135.

A basic cut with a beautiful print. Perfect for this summer sun! Go for the bohemian chic and team with a flowing nude maxi (American Apparel!) or skinnies for a more relaxed feel. The bright denims are still going, and if you're not in the league for J-Brands then head to the high street and pick up a pair for £40 and under!

Altuzarra, £1040.

I am never one to be seen without a blazer. Over a dress, a jersey tee, with leggings, jeans or skirt, they really are the buy for the season. Now this may be slightly out of your price range so an easy alternative is to head down to Zara. They have a whole collection in this tropical print and the blazers are amazing. A lightweight cotton makes it totally suitable for this warmer weather we have been enjoying and they come at a totally affordable price, ranging betwen £40-£70 ♥

Collette by Collette Dinningan, £325.

I have never been much of a summer dress person. Tight-fitting, LBD's and such like then yes! As for pretty, girly numbers...not so much! However, times they are a-changing. This i love due to the old-school print and it's ideal with ballet pumps, Cons or heels. I understand that most would pair with sandals, i refuse to wear these other than on holiday!! Nicely cinched in with a belt will make it easy to take from the office to the cocktail bar!
Now, River Island is fast becoming an iconic high-street store. What with the return of the more vintage line Chelsea Girl (RI's name back in the day!) girls everywhere are rocking some of their key pieces...including me! They have a vast array of summer dresses, much like the one pictured here! Stripes, florals, prints, easy to wear and take from day to night! And more importantly well within the price range! Definitely the place to hit this summer ♥

Proenza Schouler, £335.

Speaking of belts, this is just perfect! Navy and yellow don't only look perfect together, but the prints are in keepng with the season and the look is still on the vintage side of it. Yes the price is somewhat questionable but everyone has their favourite hidey-hole for accessories. Wrap around belts, thin, wide, neon and muted tones, Primark is the best place to hit for the belt you'll wear and then forget about (or is that just me??!)

Charlotte Olympia, £675.

Right from the Dries Van Noten of last season, i fell instantly in love with the perspex heel! I knew that it only had to be a matter of time before high street shops did their own version. Imagine my delight when i walked into Oxford Street Topshop and Zara to see shoes with clear embellishment. A real life Cinderella with the glass (plastic!) slipper, who's going to be the one to leave it on the stairway of their favourite watering hole??! And is Prince Charming really going to find it??! Ah who cares, these shoes are To. Die. For ♥

Topshop, Miss. Selfridge, H&M, Forever 21, Mikey...the list is endless and they are all featuring accessories adorned with feathers and laden with diamantes and charms!!

There really is only one look to be working this season. Just stepped off a yacht in St. Tropez (Cornwall) or lounging in the Caribbean (Ibiza) it works anywhere and for anyone. Be it bright and girly or chic and sophisticated it will definitely leave you with that much needed Summer feeling!!!Xxx

P.S. I will just stick with my own dream...sorry, fantasy...


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lust. Love. Addiction...

So, just an average morning watching Sex and the City (the only thing thing that actually holds my attention at the minute. Another programme that works in any year, any time of the day and for any situation!) And there i hear the words 'Is it possible to be addicted to a person?' The question that so many fear and yet so many want to ask. I don't think it's something to shy away from, surely a person is like any other substance or object. Something you don't only want but something you need (like that studded pair of Louboutins that visit me in my dreams nightly...!) something you have to have! The inability to see beyond them, seeing only them...but when you do venture further you realise that there can be a lack of romance, finding just sheer lust, perhaps love if you're lucky! Maybe it's just this sheer wanting that keeps it so strong, attention maybe?! Or just pure obsession?!

I have always had some what of an addctive personality, and for the large part this has always worked in my favour! For those who know me will definitely see aspects of this in my life. Therefore i know first hand that it's perfectly acceptable to be addicted to a person. Still as damaging as any other addiction and completey plays havoc with morals and feelings. But just as in any other addiction, you are the only person who can overcome these challenges and get over it! You are in charge of your own destiny and only you can decide what direction you want your life to go in! I suppose you all know what's coming next??! Yes, yes...everything happens for a reason. This is the only thing that can keep me sane at certain moments in my life. I now know that things are sent to us to help us grow and so that we can recognise how to deal with situations. Obsessions, addictions, whatever you want to call them are no different, it's just how you work it that's the main thing!

I'm not saying that SATC is a way to live your life, however i have known a few Samantha's in my time!!! I like to think i am more reminiscent of SJP typing away at my little computer. Ahh and there we have another addiction, this blog itself! Sanity in a boat load. The ability to write down ones feelings and confessions is a perfect release of emotions! And now it's time to forget reality for a weekend, head out in the sunshine and welcome back my bestest...♥

I don't know what i would do without these girls...

Ahh what to wear today...??!Xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Statue Of Liberty...

So i realise it has been quite sometime since i graced you with my presence. Back at work and totally loving it with very little time to do any full on blogging! Oh how times have changed. And it's not even as though i don't have anything to report, i work with some of fashions greatest names, day in day out!!! I add delightful items to a never ending wish list, ever growing and ever so divine! Ahh to only have the bank balance to support, i would be complete...!

So, here i am on a well needed and well earned day off, on the sofa with Danielle Steele film playing in the background. (The joys of True Movies!) I, as always, find myself on, net-a-porter, Matches...and the list is of course, endless! This fine day however, i come across news of the impending Liberty store opening!!! Not only do we have the Regent Street beauty, now we also have the pop-up store joining us in Westfield, Stratford. And i am more than pleased to say that i know the new manager. As one returns form London, my office pal heads off to pastures new! And where better to go to??! Lord this new place sounds amazing!!! Imitation guards, dressed in full regalia, standing outside the store ready for their photos taken with all and sundry. Wooden fixtures, vintage displays, all very Liberty-esque! But what else would you expect really??!

Good Luck Thomas Parr, for the move, the new start and the beginning of something wonderful in the Big City...and don't try to deny how much you will miss the constant abuse in our little office. You shall be missed!!!Xxx