Thursday, 31 May 2012

Loving In Las Leeds...

Life doesn't always go the way you wish and to be fair i wouldn't want it any other way! I always imagine what kind of person i would be if i could have anything and be anyone...not me that's for sure!!! Realisations of any sort can be sad yet necessary, not what we would choose but clearly for a reason. So on days like that i find being around the people who are a constant, a strength, the most perfect plan. Time with the family can be rare these days, work and play are often intertwined with what better way to spend a day off than shopping with the most important people in my life ♥

I used to be a professional shopper...and i had the wardrobes as my proof. As i have got older i have become more sensible, plus when you spend all day in a shop the novelty of walking around less pleasing ones certainly does wear off. However, after the soaring temperatures of the past couple of weeks, melting at work has become something of the ordinary, but it made it clear that my wardrobe needed addressing. Now, i do have rather a bit of body art...well, a lot actually! Oh i thought i was so clever adding to my collection month after month, never thinking of the time when i would actually have to cover up!! And let me tell you, it's a hard task! Especially when the fashions are all short-sleeved or sleeveless. So in the middle of all the scantily clad girls you get little old me...blazer, tights, sweating!!! So attractive! I decided that there had to be some way around this so i headed to the shops to see what i could possibly find.

Zara will never fail me (please don't hold me to that!) Here i came across a rather delightful (neon) blazer, never one to blend in and you definitely can't in this. At only £60 i couldn't possibly leave it, worn with jeans (as i am at present! Heading out of the door and still taking the time to blog first! Dedication!) with cropped trousers, over a dress or with a pencil skirt it will fast become a staple item in my summer wardrobe!

My lovely sister went for the Fantasy blazer in mint, although it does also come in pink! I believe this was £70 but totally worth it. Not only does it look stunning on but the fabric is lighter than mine so a lot more breatable for when the weather can't decide what it wants to do!

Mummy Carole always likes a look in Debenhmas, purely for the designer diffusion lines. For a woman of her years she definitely still has the looks, lets hope it runs in the genes! She found me yet another blazer which i snapped up without even trying...

Yes, it's lace. And it's black! Perfect for those hot afternoons at work, over a strapless number on a night and oh my god i am never going to take this off! In fact, i think i may even venture back for the cream one and at only £38 there was no way this wasn't leaving the shop with me ♥

Going back to the tropical, colourful trend of previous posts, this was just perfect if only for me imagining myself being in that very scene (such a vivid imagination you see!) On those long hot days in the height of summer, holiday season or over skinnies and wedges, at 20 quid what is there not to like??! Chiffon means lightweight and airy, and the colour is so neutral that under a blazer (obviously!) of any colour it will simply be divine...

Ahhh...perfect ♥

River Island. £30.

Topshop fishtail top. £36.

H&M. £12.99. A basic vest can never go a-miss in a summer wardrobe.

Miss. Selfridge. £28. Cut-out maxi is ideal with gladiators or heels. BBQ-ing or dancing, you definitely can't go wrong!

Tropical Print Dress. £50.

ASOS. £32. With added zip detail so can always be looser around the ankle if desired but the colour is daring, summery and elegant!

Prada. That is all.

Now please understand that i don't own all of this! I am no longer a serial shopper, i gave that up for Lent...! I am merely giving you a snippet of what's in the shops at the moment and what i fell in love with! Yes, yes i DO own SOME of it but it was all absolutely necessary!

Now, if you'll forgive me, i have a pink Gin in hand (carrying babies and bags just called for it!) and a car awaiting ♥

Happy Bank Holiday and a glorious Jubilee weekend!!!Xxx

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