Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lust. Love. Addiction...

So, just an average morning watching Sex and the City (the only thing thing that actually holds my attention at the minute. Another programme that works in any year, any time of the day and for any situation!) And there i hear the words 'Is it possible to be addicted to a person?' The question that so many fear and yet so many want to ask. I don't think it's something to shy away from, surely a person is like any other substance or object. Something you don't only want but something you need (like that studded pair of Louboutins that visit me in my dreams nightly...!) something you have to have! The inability to see beyond them, seeing only them...but when you do venture further you realise that there can be a lack of romance, finding just sheer lust, perhaps love if you're lucky! Maybe it's just this sheer wanting that keeps it so strong, attention maybe?! Or just pure obsession?!

I have always had some what of an addctive personality, and for the large part this has always worked in my favour! For those who know me will definitely see aspects of this in my life. Therefore i know first hand that it's perfectly acceptable to be addicted to a person. Still as damaging as any other addiction and completey plays havoc with morals and feelings. But just as in any other addiction, you are the only person who can overcome these challenges and get over it! You are in charge of your own destiny and only you can decide what direction you want your life to go in! I suppose you all know what's coming next??! Yes, yes...everything happens for a reason. This is the only thing that can keep me sane at certain moments in my life. I now know that things are sent to us to help us grow and so that we can recognise how to deal with situations. Obsessions, addictions, whatever you want to call them are no different, it's just how you work it that's the main thing!

I'm not saying that SATC is a way to live your life, however i have known a few Samantha's in my time!!! I like to think i am more reminiscent of SJP typing away at my little computer. Ahh and there we have another addiction, this blog itself! Sanity in a boat load. The ability to write down ones feelings and confessions is a perfect release of emotions! And now it's time to forget reality for a weekend, head out in the sunshine and welcome back my bestest...♥

I don't know what i would do without these girls...

Ahh what to wear today...??!Xxx

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