Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Statue Of Liberty...

So i realise it has been quite sometime since i graced you with my presence. Back at work and totally loving it with very little time to do any full on blogging! Oh how times have changed. And it's not even as though i don't have anything to report, i work with some of fashions greatest names, day in day out!!! I add delightful items to a never ending wish list, ever growing and ever so divine! Ahh to only have the bank balance to support, i would be complete...!

So, here i am on a well needed and well earned day off, on the sofa with Danielle Steele film playing in the background. (The joys of True Movies!) I, as always, find myself on, net-a-porter, Matches...and the list is of course, endless! This fine day however, i come across news of the impending Liberty store opening!!! Not only do we have the Regent Street beauty, now we also have the pop-up store joining us in Westfield, Stratford. And i am more than pleased to say that i know the new manager. As one returns form London, my office pal heads off to pastures new! And where better to go to??! Lord this new place sounds amazing!!! Imitation guards, dressed in full regalia, standing outside the store ready for their photos taken with all and sundry. Wooden fixtures, vintage displays, all very Liberty-esque! But what else would you expect really??!

Good Luck Thomas Parr, for the move, the new start and the beginning of something wonderful in the Big City...and don't try to deny how much you will miss the constant abuse in our little office. You shall be missed!!!Xxx

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