Friday, 29 June 2012

High-Street Blues...

I knew there was a reason i detested high-street chain stores...ok, maybe a tad dramatic. I shall retract that statement. I knew there was a reason SOME high-street stores could get my back up! Sound better??! No, i didn't think so. Just casually shopping on my day off (nothing new there i know! I have made shopping a profession) and i decided to take a trip into one of the stores, which perhaps i should leave nameless. Upon entering there was a girl in what i can only presume to be 'Saturday night' attire, my eyes were literally bleeding at the shortness of her shorts. She was holding a stack of free magazines, presumably for her eyes only as when i passed she barely smiled and kept the magazines very close to her ever protruding chest. I decided to hover around the department and saw her greet every single girl that entered and offer a magazine. I carried on lingering hoping that her (obvious) decision to miss me out was just a mere oversight. No, i still didn't get one thrust in my face. Now, this offended me for two reasons. Not only am i a magazine collector and fashion freak who will look at (note the 'look' not 'read') anything for ideas for bloggage but also because as a customer i should have been treated the exact same way as all the others. This angered me as in my own job we constantly strive to push this idea of judging people firmly out of minds and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. But then much to my annoyance, mid anger and over-active mind, a rather delightful dress caught my eye. I tried, i liked, damn i actually loved it. BUT, i remained true and i put the dress back and walked out of the shop. Making sure to catch the eye of the girl on the door, gave an overly eager smile and a top notch 'Bye!!!' and left...and still, no magazine was offered. Ah well, loss to them, (zero money in the till!) gain to me, as I left with morals in tact and a massive tip to NEVER wear a plunge neck with stripey orange tan...!! I will stick with my luxury fashion methinks!!!

Happy Friday!!!Xxx

Rising Star...

Tucker has fast-tracked it's way form the Big Apple via  Harvey Nichols, Knigtsbridge and now has it's very own concession in Selfridges. Founded in 2005 by designer Gaby Basora the brand has just gone from strength to strength. Full of silky dresses, colourful prints, they're all perfect for the summer season. From paisleys and caramels to the brightest greens and yellows, there is most definitely something for everyone.
Oh so wearable with a perfectly natural fit, Tucker turns the most basic top or blouse into a staple wardrobe item. The bold prints make it easy to dress up your favourite skinnies, add some boho charm to your maxi and loosen up the feel of a pencil skirt. Work or play, Tucker has the piece for you...

Tucker creative director Basora, who has plans to open her second standalone store in Los Angeles in the near future, couldn't be happier with her label's new home.


The Phantom...

Nothing has ever been more perfect...Xxx

Celine Phantom (menace??!) £1550!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Temper Trap...

I would say this is to be my soundtrack to the a cetain extent this will remain to be true. However, as my car is stuck in the 1980's and only has a tape player (silly Mini!) i will have to merely keep the track in my head whilst listening to the delights of morning radio, then moving on to the likes of Prince and Britney at work...hmmm, quite an eclectic mix you might say!

This track brings so many memories, however i have been told to practice for the future now, the past is the past for a reason...i'm sure i will believe this in time...


Sunday, 24 June 2012

The World According To Louboutin...

A pair of skyscraper heels. Every girl's dream??! Well, may be not EVERY girl, they would probably be my sisters' worst nightmare. However, in my small circle, these reign supreme. Just as Vogue is my bible, fashion is my drug...Louboutin is my GOD.

With their signature red sole and sizzling sex appeal given to any woman who invests in their fashion excellence, they will simply not disappoint. From towering stilletos, to studded sneakers, biker boots and beyond. Diamonds are forever??! No, no no, Louboutins are forever ♥

Asteroid 140 suede and patent-leather pumps. £945.

20th Anniversary Armadillo 120 leather pumps. £695.

Akhalil 70 studded leather biker boots. £1595.

Palace 120 Swarovski crystal-embellished snake sandals. £1475.

Sylvieta 120 colour-block leather sandals. £645.

Louis Woman Swarovski crystal leather high-top sneakers. £1395.

Loubi Zeppa 140 appliquéd silk-crepe wedges. £625.

SEX. (Perfect name!!!) 120 patent-leather pumps. £825.

I feel as though i have betrayed my fashion hero Carrie Bradshaw (Yes, i know she's a fictional character) Manolo vs. Louboutin...

Sorry Carrie, Louboutin wins the fashion crown for me!!!Xxx

Fashion Fix...

It's never nice when firstly you're ill and have had to do the most dreaded thing at sent home!!!!! Not a fan at all. Then secondly, have the awful realization that people are sometimes not what they may seem. Both together creates a serious frown, and upon inspecting my 'nearly 30' face this morning...i have lines under the eyes and lately my frown lines have been more prominent. Again, not a fan of this! SO, what does one do on days like this??! Sofa. Check. Cups of tea. Check. (Note the plural!) Friends on the box. Check. Ahhh fashion stalking. Check. Check. Check. Some may say that what i really need is a face mask, touche eclat and possibly botox, i say there's no better medication than a) Lemsip cold and flu and b) fashion, fashion, fashion. (Yep, it's definitely my drug!)

Acne. Pre Spring/Summer 2013.

Chanel. SS13.

Ports 1961. SS13.

And a firm favourite. Now and forever...

Philo's use of minimalism is done to perfection. Some serious competition for Sander's return no doubt. However, i shall remain loyal to the chicest house in fashion...all about Celine. SS13.


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dreaming Of Celine...

Yet another restless night. So, instead of practicing sleeping techniques due to being at work in just a few short hours, i instead while away the hours with SATC season 6 (the final!!!) and collecting rather divine pictures of dearest Celine... and no i am NOT speaking of Dion...

Who needs sleep anyway??!!!Xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

And R.E.L.A.X...

A rollercoaster of emotions today! From hysteria to...well, the opposite! The highlight of my day being the arrival of my darling Celine, in it's truest form and most beautiful of colours.
This day was completely summed up upon hearing this when drinking fine wine (pink nonetheless!) with my blonde sidekick...ahh perfection...

No more words needed!

Happy Weekend!!!Xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Died And Gone To Gucci Heaven...

Our latest beauty...ahhhhh...

Bold Bamboo Black Leather Top Handle Bag. A total snip at £1760. Words can not describe how this will make you feel. From the sound of the opening (the most perfect magnetic 'pop', i can't simply explain the effect this had on me!), to the the feel of it's most exquisite leather and pristine bamboo handle, and not forgetting the sheer sight of this on my arm, anyones arm...i have no words.

To. Die. For.


Maje New Muse...

Welcome to the new face of Maje. This girl is just pure perfection in every way...


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fruit Pastels...

So, you may have noticed that only a few days ago i posted about mens collections from SS13. I have been feeling rather guilty and sexist to be totally honest. I therefore feel the only thing i can do to make up for this is to do the same for us women folk, the fairer of the sexes. And i am fully loving that the pastel shades are hanging around for next Summer. Following two long summer of oranges, blues and everything neon, we are finally in for some subtle summer colourful charm. Chic, playful and the epitomy of feminine. ♥

The following are all resort collections for 2013:






The Olsen's collection has landed!!!!! Yesssss!!!!! Like music to so many ears, it's for the high-street which means totally afforadable...finally. If like me you have lusted after pieces of The Row for what seems like an eternity, then your wait is over! The collection includes that same slouchy style featured in The Row but with the prices starting at just a mere £15. Perfect. Not only that (yes, more good news!) it is available form StylistPick, the same website you can pick up Cheryl Cole's shoes...if that takes your fancy of course.

Check out their new collection here