Friday, 1 June 2012

All In The Name Of The Jubilee...

What a way to spend another sleepless night than Echo and the Bunnymen playing (Bring on the Dancing Horses on repeat if i'm honest) and collecting images for yet another post dedictaed to my favorite topic, FASHION! Now, all the talk at the minute seems to be surrounding the Jubilee. What i find funny is that most people don't have more than two nice words to say about the Royal family yet all and sundry are throwing parties and anticipating the festivities of the coming weekend! Methinks the excitement of days off is probbaly the leading factor behind all this hype! So, we had The Queen on our screens last night, Stylist magazine is purely dedicated to all things red, white and blue, even our own salon has bunting up in the old girls honour! It's just Jubilee crazy.

Having read article after article about this very celebration i thought the best way for me to get on board with it was through the thing i do best. Yes, the fashions! I have always had a deep fascination with the 1950's and 1960's. If someone could invent me a time machine i would be right back there dancing in the Cavern and screaming at The Beatles. As much as i aced History at school, some things i lost all interest in. I had to be able to relate, to be gripped by something to really appreciate it. Hence the reason my love for fashion now! But there was something that the 1950s gave us more than any other era, move over Cameron, Kate and Angelina for here we have the real beauties of the silver screen...

Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and my all time favourite, Lauren Bacall. School days were spent watching Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Roman Holiday, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. There was just somthing about this era that completely fascinates me. The women may have been stifled by the men and their supposed "roles" mean't they weren't as free as they are now but on the other hand women were real women. None of this obsessing over tans, waxing, dieting, size zero rubbish. Monroe was the average size of a woman...size 16! Flesh wasn't on show and walking around the city dressed like your on a beach would have been totally unforgivable!

Sophisticated, chic, truly beautiful women. Pencil skirts, hourglass figures, modesty covered, furs, turbans and diamonds. Surely a life preferred??! And not forgetting why we are really here...

1952 didn't only bring us glorious fashions and Brigitte Bardot gracing the cover of Elle, it also marked a changing of times. HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Happy Jubilee weekend/bank holiday/celebrations, whatever you may be doing!!!Xxx

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