Sunday, 10 June 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

Just patiently waiting for Lady and the Tramp to begin! A childhood favourite repeatedly watched by myself and Charlotte. Always nice to reminisce! A weekend full of family, friends, pink wine and Disney magic! (Of course i still think i am one of the Disney princesses, time to hand the baton to baby Mia maybe??!) Home time has however been rare which can only mean one thing...serious withdrawal symptoms from my Sex and the City BFF's AND lack of laptop to upload beautiful pictures from fashions finest!

I feel i may also have to eat my words from an earlier blogpost on crop tops. I fully embraced the summer trend and put stop to the whole age question that surrounded this inoffensive item of clothing. And so an eve of dancing and laughter ensued followed by a sunny Sunday morning minus hangover! These days have most definitely been the calm before the storm, or perhaps sale seems more appropriate. Yes this coming week is one i look forward to. However, the animalistic public, not so much! I shall remain calm and "tantrums" will be kept to a minimum...!

So, with Tuesday outfit already prepared, excitment in total overload (would you expect anything else??!) and the anticipation of a Disney evening i am all set! shall most definitely keep me busy until the hour of five arrives! I have become most patient in recent years, a quality i lacked for so many! But i am lead to believe that all good things come to those who wait and i am more than sure that the wait is more than worth it...♥


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