Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fashion Fix...

It's never nice when firstly you're ill and have had to do the most dreaded thing at sent home!!!!! Not a fan at all. Then secondly, have the awful realization that people are sometimes not what they may seem. Both together creates a serious frown, and upon inspecting my 'nearly 30' face this morning...i have lines under the eyes and lately my frown lines have been more prominent. Again, not a fan of this! SO, what does one do on days like this??! Sofa. Check. Cups of tea. Check. (Note the plural!) Friends on the box. Check. Ahhh fashion stalking. Check. Check. Check. Some may say that what i really need is a face mask, touche eclat and possibly botox, i say there's no better medication than a) Lemsip cold and flu and b) fashion, fashion, fashion. (Yep, it's definitely my drug!)

Acne. Pre Spring/Summer 2013.

Chanel. SS13.

Ports 1961. SS13.

And a firm favourite. Now and forever...

Philo's use of minimalism is done to perfection. Some serious competition for Sander's return no doubt. However, i shall remain loyal to the chicest house in fashion...all about Celine. SS13.


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