Friday, 8 June 2012


From time to time i will venture out of my fashion comfort and read other blogs that i may happen to come across. One was forwarded to all us managerial types at work, one read and i was hooked!!! This guy is a street performer, not something of any interest to me i have to admit! The only one i found entertaining was the guy in York when i was a kid and the rest just irritated me. As when trying to enjoy a leisurely stroll around Covent Garden, it was instead turned into some kind of street theatre! However, i am straying away form the point. This blog was all about fear, personal to him due to the nature of his job and personal to so many others due to everything we face daily.

I never really realised how much fear is involved in making most decisions. How not making them due to this fear can prevent you from being you. From being truly happy and living life to it's fullest. I have always had a fear of disappointing people, of not being the person they think you are. As a result i distance myself from most and fight against things i actually want, that may enhance my life. Shying away form opportunities, keeping feelings under wraps is far easier than being disappointed, or being the disappointment. His whole blog struck a chord with me, as i decided some time ago that i would always just be me. You can spend your entire life being afraid of taking steps but does this in effect stop you from having, being, achieving what you really want? What you're really worth?! Being true to yourself can be hard, selfish maybe? But there comes a time when you realise that life is too short. People come along and make you realise that you are indeed special, beautiful even. That there are people worth losing that fear for...

Too much thinking for one day. A weekend full of dressing up and drinking wine with friends, family times and Lady and the Tramp awaits. Perfect.Xxx

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