Thursday, 14 June 2012

Happy Shopper...

I've definitely changed. Once upon a time i was a professional shopper. True story. If there was something new out there, i had it. Had to have it. Needed it. A bargain to be got? I was first in the queue. These days i have become sensible. All purchases have been made. And not things i wear once and discard of. Classic pieces. Timeless. This getting older business isn't half bad i can tell you.

And like all fairytale stories, a happy ending has to be had. A proud owner of my first Gucci. Soon to be a happy owner of my first Balenciaga (clutch! Start small and all that!) My week is pretty much complete! Yes, yes, one very pleased girl indeed ♥

Now awaiting the Margiela range to appear (now confirmed!!!!! My excitement hit the roof even through horrid cold!) to pick out my must-haves!!! Roll on November...


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