Friday, 29 June 2012

High-Street Blues...

I knew there was a reason i detested high-street chain stores...ok, maybe a tad dramatic. I shall retract that statement. I knew there was a reason SOME high-street stores could get my back up! Sound better??! No, i didn't think so. Just casually shopping on my day off (nothing new there i know! I have made shopping a profession) and i decided to take a trip into one of the stores, which perhaps i should leave nameless. Upon entering there was a girl in what i can only presume to be 'Saturday night' attire, my eyes were literally bleeding at the shortness of her shorts. She was holding a stack of free magazines, presumably for her eyes only as when i passed she barely smiled and kept the magazines very close to her ever protruding chest. I decided to hover around the department and saw her greet every single girl that entered and offer a magazine. I carried on lingering hoping that her (obvious) decision to miss me out was just a mere oversight. No, i still didn't get one thrust in my face. Now, this offended me for two reasons. Not only am i a magazine collector and fashion freak who will look at (note the 'look' not 'read') anything for ideas for bloggage but also because as a customer i should have been treated the exact same way as all the others. This angered me as in my own job we constantly strive to push this idea of judging people firmly out of minds and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. But then much to my annoyance, mid anger and over-active mind, a rather delightful dress caught my eye. I tried, i liked, damn i actually loved it. BUT, i remained true and i put the dress back and walked out of the shop. Making sure to catch the eye of the girl on the door, gave an overly eager smile and a top notch 'Bye!!!' and left...and still, no magazine was offered. Ah well, loss to them, (zero money in the till!) gain to me, as I left with morals in tact and a massive tip to NEVER wear a plunge neck with stripey orange tan...!! I will stick with my luxury fashion methinks!!!

Happy Friday!!!Xxx

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