Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Louis Exchange...

I find Louis Vuitton somewhat like Gucci. It's either got it, or it hasn't! Similarly, you can wear it, or you REALLY can't! Too many bad fakes around, giving those with the real thing a serious complex! The only piece i own and love due to this is my long-awaited purchase, the Leopard Sprouse scarf! Top of the wish list for far too long meant that a spontaneous indulgence had to be made during my time in the capital!

And now low and behold a new one has made an appearance (great news for us, bad news for the bank balance!) This one shall remain exclusive to Harrods! Anyone who has been recently will see that the boutique has tripled in size and to celebrate this you will be able to grab this little piece of heaven as of the 20th June. It is part of the pre-fall 2012 collection and will be available in two new colours. Army green with navy and blue with fuchsia tones! Both sounding completely up my street ♥

I hear on the Harrods grapevine that the boutique also offers a Mon Monogram service. Allowing you to have up to three letters applied to any bag! (Absolutely love this by the way! Having initials adorning my body i may aswell have them on my bag!!!)

Well, i have turned to Gucci recently so i feel there maybe some hope for Louis to also change my mind! Best get saving!!!Xxx

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