Friday, 1 June 2012

Music Makes The World Go Round...

My oldest nephew asked me only last week what my favourite song was, 'No Alf, unfortunately it isn't One Direction's latest, but please play it twenty times over whilst sitting in my car! I am thoroughly enjoying it...!' My answer has been the same since i was ten! It trips off the tongue and never takes much thinking about...Imagine. John Lennon. Always has been. Always will be. I have been all too aware that music has played a massive part of my life (just ask my Mum!) The years i used to spend sat in my room going through the Beatles albums, hitting teenage angst years and falling in love with Mariah, Whitney (don't judge me!) then the Manics, Pulp, Suede. Significant times with significant songs playing the soundtrack to what seemed to be a neverending era. The first time i heard my favourite Smiths song was on a cheesy chick-flick back in 1998. The love was instant and this song was added to the list, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want. This played in the background to many a moment over the years. Favourite songs are easy to find but oh so hard to revisit. But i have often found that forcing myself to listen to memories from the past has proved amazing as i get to relate the song to a whole new moment in time. Local Hero (the ultimate tearjerker!), Purple Rain, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Love, Still Life... it is now apparent that the list is ever-growing. But Lennon will always reign supreme.
Music clearly goes hand in hand with fashion, with most designers having musician muses (Florence, Del Rey) Lana Del Rey has a Mulberry bag named after her and her song used a year ago for Christopher Kane then made it in the top ten! As much as fashions change and most come back around, the thing i love about music is that most songs resonate through any era. They are the same in any language and once heard, you never forget, at least i don't. I can still remember dancing on our dressing gowns on a Sunday night, back in the day when TV literally went off and the charts were on the Hi-Fi. LP's were played in abundance, U2, Dire Straits, Elvis!!

And so my list will probably keep on growing. If it can make me use this oh so vivid imagination and take me to a different place then the repeat button is most definitely hit! (The XX, Intro being my most recent!) But for memories sake the old ones are most definitely the best!!!Xxx