Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Say It With YSL...

Anyone who is anyone should have a YSL ring gracing their hands (well,if you're lucky enough for them to fit that is!) Consider yourself as the ultimate fashionista?! Then you simply must invest. I came across them way back when and have tried every single one but to no avail! My sisters find it most hilarious that the only larger parts i own are my fingers, even when stick thin! This makes no sense and makes me shed a tear for these little pieces of sheer beauty ♥

The most famous being the Arty gold-plated glass ring. £165. Showing here is the opalescent pink, mint green, vivid blue and the lastest in green glass. Shouuld you happen upon net-a-porter as many times as i do a day then take a look at the other colours available! They are completely amazing ♥

An update on the iconic ring, black glass and red enamel. £165. Eye-catching and sure to add much glamour to any outfit! Teamed with your favourite little black dress, let your accessories do the talking!

Arty'n colour gold-plated glass ring. £270. Following the colour crush of the season from your outfits through to your jewellery!

If your style is slightly more subtle and toned down, then maybe this is for you. Ycons enameled gold-plated ring. £165. Suitable for a day look, edged with heart, star and bird motifs. Girly in its design yet stylish, chic and totally on trend!

You got the hint yet?! Yes, YSL is THE only way to go this season, and the next, and the next, and...well, you get the picture. If i can't have the wealth then i shall share it and admire all you ladies who can wear one with pride and style ♥


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