Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Times...

Now being at the sister's house has many advantages, food made, smiling babies...and Mr. Bean! I fail to remember why that was a positive but somehow Alfie managed to sell it to me. However, to every positive there has to be a negative, lack of laptop which means no music and then there's the Sex and the City boxset. I am unsure of how I will get through a night without those four girls. Deep breaths and cups of tea will certainly settle me! This is slightly cushioned by my purchase today. As I blog on the BlackBerry whilst feeding Mia I am admiring my new Gucci Boston bag! Ahhhhh, massive sigh. Such a good multi-tasker like any good woman. Just like anything else in life, changes happen, they must happen for things to move forward, evolve! Fashions change, styles, people! I used to be rather crazy with clothes, hair, even make-up. I knew no boundaries and I never conformed. Over the past few years I appear to have gotten more comfortable in my own skin, going from Amy Winehouse, Fearne Cotton to apparently now Jesse J (all names I have had hollered at me in the street) my image was like the tide. Constantly changing over the course of time. Methinks this was a confidence issue. Or maybe it's just part of growing up??! Either way it's an amazing feeling to finally feel comfortable, knowing what I like, what makes me tick. Well, that's easy. And so I shall return to my eve with the family, Gucci by my side and the promise of what may become this week hanging in the air! Spending my time with the best thing to grace any girls arm. A fine piece of leather! Oh yes!

Happy Bank Holiday!!!Xxx

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