Saturday, 2 June 2012

Trading Places...

So, this week i have even shocked myself. Normally i know what i like, i'm comfortable with this, happy. But then something comes along, completely throws you off course and takes what you consider to be normality into complete disarray. Great. The last thing you need is comfusion in your life, having got rid of all this some time ago it seems unfair to visit me again so soon. We are now nothing but distant acquaintances and i would very much like it to stay this way! But can confusion sometimes be exciting? The thrill of the unknown begins to overtake everyday thoughts and processes and soon you are lost in a world of energy and tension. Of course i am talking about the fact that i have transformed from a girl of taste into a mere chav??! (And that is a real term nowadays, i am lead to believe it is actually in the dictionary! Oh lord, what next??! Vajazzle, Reem??!) One day it's Balenciaga and Celine, the next i am falling in love with...dare i say it??! Gucci!!!!! I know, i know, who would ever have thought it. But then who can say what you see in something that will change all direction you had planned to go in? And so i intend to go along with this, my heart will never turn against beloved Celine of course, but i think i may have found a small part of happinness in Gucci. And it is so easy to see why...

'Park Avenue' horsebit leather tote. £895.

'Santa Monica' large tote. £1670.

Vintage Web Boston. £675.

Brogue Zip Around Clutch. £1220.

Joy Guccissima Leather Boston. £515.

Of course i have picked out a lot of colour from the AW12 collection and they do have their signtature red and green stripe, bamboo, Suki's, Jackie's, the whole lot! I have just picked out my favourites (selfish i know!) I never thought i'd see the day i fell for such a brand, iconic in it's stauts but with such a wrong cult following!!! Maybe times they are a changing and i am just opening my eyes to different aspects of something previously considered 'wrong'...looking at things with new eyes and a different mindset is definitely worth it!!!

Gucci. The new way forward??!Xxx

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