Monday, 30 July 2012

New York, New York...

I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps...

...Four months and counting!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ri-Ri For RI...

Whether you're a fan of her music or not, there is no denying that Rihanna has serious sex appeal going on. I developed a massive crush after seeing her throwing an umbrella around in her video way back when. She is seriously hot! I just hope that her capsule collection for River Island has the same simmering hotness she brings us...maybe slightly more understated though! Due to be released in the spring of 2013, i can't think of a more effective collaboration. River Island is fast becoming one of the best stores on the high street. If truth be told i will head for there over Topshop, i have never been a fashion cheater, but RI has got it going on. And Rihanna's offerings can only help push them in to that forefront of fashion. The place that so many want to be!!!

I wonder if she will design a right nice umbrella-ella-ella-ella??!Xxx

Carpe Diem...

Having offered so much fashion news, beauty latest, exclusives...after all, this is what i'm here for. I feel it may be time for one of my sporadic inspirational posts! I have to say, i don't normally find them "inspirational" as such, more a case of writing things down can make you view things differently!!!

For what seems like years we seem to search for a life. Not realising that for all that time we are in effect letting our life fall by the way side. We let it pass us by whilst looking for something better? Convincing ourselves that we were made to end up somewhere bigger then where we currently are? But the fact is that you only get out of life what you put into it. For a long time i travelled down one road, one that was never ending, or at least it seemed that way. Often the hardest journeys are the most rewarding and i like to think that i, amongst so many others are living proof of that. Just as in so many cliches...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, etc, etc...i now know the full meaning of these sayings. I don't like to patronisingly repeat these, but in your own words it seems so much easier to ease someone else's pain through just knowing and understanding. For years i watched others fall in to what they deemed the perfect life, meeting the perfect one, marriage, children...the rest being as they say, history. Marriages last, people split up, life continues. I always envied these people, but at the same time knowing that if it was meant to happen for me it would have. But everything happens for a reason and everything happens in it's own time. Something i have only learned to be true over recent years. But now it seems that someone up there thought they would go a little easy on me and send me some joy! Now for the first time ever, i feel as though i have been handed the whole world in my hands. Always hearing of how 'happy' people are and wondering if happiness to that extent actually existed. Well, i can now tell you, yes it does, and again, i am living proof of that. However, it has become apparent that when you're down and sad, people want to discuss it, they want to keep you down there, but when you're happy, people want to try and ruin it. Doesn't seem qute right does it?! But one thing i will never understand is people. My Mum always says 'jealousy is a destructive thing' and i have learned the truth in that most recently. People would rather watch you suffer than share in your joy...

Having finally got what i have always wanted, it is true to say that my life starts here. Using my strength and courage gained through difficult times i now intend to live life to the fullest. No one ever knows whats around the corner and others need to realise this. Don't spend all your time trying to bring others down. Make your own future and your own dreams, i certainly intend to ♥

Rant over and back to what i do do best. F.A.S.H.I.O.N ♥


Bespoke Vuitton...

So it has been a fair few days since i last graced you all with my presence. Well 5 days to be exact. A busy weekend and a date with The Wanted called. Jealous??! Yes, i thought as much!!! Any how, a day off doing nothing except watching True Movies, E4 and my beloved SATC shall be had aswell as blogging my little heart out. Tiredness has hit me like a double-decker and energy levels need recharging. And i can think of no better way to do this than visiting my favourite fashion websites.

A serious catch up on was overdue and i'm SOOO pleased i visited. If only to hear about the bespoke Vuitton service. I have always been a fan of the brand, however the amount of fakes bounding around really does put me off ever wanting to own one. The standard monogram is classic, chic??! Hmmm perhaps...but now you have the chance to create your very own. As of the 30th July, you can visit The Haute Maroquinerie, a dedicated private salon housed in Vuitton's Bond Street Maison. There you will have the opportunity to work with experts to choose a handbag of your very own making. Right from the style, colour, leather and finish. Thus allowing 80,000 variations!!!!!

Ever wanted a bag that not one other single person has??! YESSSSS of course. How could you answer anything other than yes? Well this is the way to do it!!! Orders are then sent to Asnieres, Paris, the labels workshop, where your chosen style will be created. The only downside (if you can call it that) is that you may have to wait from six months up to a year for your little creation. Again, totally worth it for the most unique bag available!


Le Teint Touche Eclat...

If you thought your world was perfect since finding YSL Touche Eclat, then you aint seen nothing yet. YSL have now introduced all the magic of this little wand in one foundation. What more could you possibly ask for??! This sounds truly amazing! Completely targets the dark shadows we're all privy to at some point. No matter how much water you drink and masks you apply, they just don't seem to shift!!! Highlights the contours of the face, evens out the complexion (and who doesn't need that the morning after the night before??!) and enhances your skins natural beauty. Sounds like the perfect foundation. Nothing worse than clogged up skin, barely able to breathe and matte coverage. This season it's all about the glowing, dewy skin.  Even better, all this is infused in a weightless fluid and free from opaque powders.

Available in 22 shades.

And just for Vogue readers (oh how i do feel special!) for each purchase, you can enjoy a complimentary YSL notebook!!!Xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Chanel's Coming To Town...

My excitement has just gone quite possibly through the roof. Anxiety, the shakes, slightly hyperactive...this can only mean one thing surely??! Something big is happening in the world of fashion!!!!  Yesssss! Chanel is all set and ready to open their first stand-alone British beauty store on July 24th, smack bang in the middle of Covent Garden! I am feeling a last minute excursion to London may be on the cards.

The pop-up shop will be ready and waiting until December, perfect for the Christmas season i feel. Who doesn't like a bit of Chanel under their tree??! There will be mime artisits dressed up in Chanel finery aswell as all the beauty treats they are set to offer. Expect consultations from leading Chanel make-up artists, a treasure hunt, workshops...and completely indulgent pampering sessions. Perfect!!! More treats and surprises will be scheduled over the next seven months including seasonal surprises on the run up to Santa's big trip.

A must-see for sure!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Take Care, Garnier...

Now i am unsure whether or not i should admit to this (being a fash/beaut/, that definitely doesn't feature in the Oxford dictionary!!! Take it from me!) but working on a predominantly beauty orientated floor i SHOULD be using products from each of our beauty-ful counters (see what i did there??!) However, there comes a time when bags and shoes are more important so money has to be dealt with and certain luxuries have to be pushed aside. Having said this, i see no shame in the fact that my somewhat questionable pink bedroom and bathroom is like a haven to Garnier. The stuff is amazing, right from their facial cleanser to hair coulours. I love it!! And these are not words that pass my lips easily, especially where skincare is concerned.

Now, Garnier  have a 'vision of beauty' and taken from their very own website, i quote "For Garnier, beauty is within us all. Everyone possesses it's own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beaty shine through...For Garnier the aim of beauty is happiness and feeling at ease with others"...well, you can't say fairer than that!

My love affair with the brand started a few years back. I have never needed to wear a fake tan, the likes of St. Tropez and Fake Bake look utterly ridiculous on me. Having been lucky enough to be blessed with olive skin, these just don't bode well with me! And now being covered in tattoos...well, i look like some kind of rebel Barbie Doll! Summerbody is just perfect, applied to exfoliated skin, it's a thin moisturising lotion with a lovely golden colour that develops over only a few hours. The deeper the colour you require, the more layers you apply. It doesn't clog, doesn't streak and even has quite a pleasant smell, the same can't be said for other brands. Who wants to walk around smelling like a loaf of bread for heavens sake??! Definitely not me!!

Available form Boots, Superdrug or any good supermarket! Perfect for giving you that summer glow all year round!

Next i got in to the Intensive 7 days challenge. I am a real sucker for adverts on the tv. I saw this and had to rush out and buy some, i am like an advertiseres dream, fall for anything. However, this definitely did what it said on the tin! This i applied on a morning and evening for seven days straight. What i loved was that it wasn't greasy! Sometimes after moisturising your skin can feel clammy and putting clothes on immediately feels rather repulsive. This absorbed quicky into the skin leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

And it's available in different fragrances! Amazing!!!

Soon to follow was the skincare but this time for the face! I am always a bit wary as having used products in the past leaving me with unpleasant skin, this was a rather a large leap of trust, However, i had high hopes. Now i had glowing silky skin, it called for the same for the face! So away i went to purchase the fresh essentials line this time, cleanser and toner with grape extract. My face feels like it has been stood under a waterfall for hours. Smooth and fully invigorated. I have never been one for dry or sensitive skin (lucky me!) so i opted for normal to combination skin. However, you do have the choice there should you need it!

Refreshens, brightens, cleanses and tones. Just what the Doctor ordered!

For years i have now worn quite heavy foundations. Back as a fresh-faced uni student at the tender age of 19, lines under the eyes were few and alcohol intake was a firm zero. Now 10 years on times they have changed and so has my skin. Lately i have been weraing Mac foundation, which is great for the ultimate cover up, blemishes hidden and a perfect glow. But sometimes your skin feels clogged, under the lights of work, heat and whatever else you face within one day, leaves you feeling 100 years old by night time. I was recently told to try a tinted moisturiser. I am pretty positive that negative words flowed from my mouth at this point. Sure, they were great back in the day when youth was on your side. Now, not so much!!! But, i let this advice sink in and then came aross a trial pack of Garnier BB cream. Never opened. Never used. Days off are perfect for trying new things, not having to leave the house the most redeeming point. So after my usual beauty regime i applied this instead of my usual foundation. I feel like i am wearing nothing but have the coverage and colour given by my beloved Mac. BUT, my skin feels lighter and like it can actually breathe!

Miracle Skin Perfector! And it really is! Maybe i should listen to his advice more often...although you never like men to think they're right all the time and it was my idea to go for the Garnier...!

Thank the lord for days off, let's go see what other products i can come back with today!!!Yayyy for Garnier!!!Xxx

Early Morning Smiths...

One of my favourite Smiths songs! Ahh still got it!!!Xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Krazy For Katrantzou...

I have been a massive fan of Katrantzou for quite sometime now. Ever since she emerged on the scene as the next bright shining star in fashion. Her love for prints and clashing prints at that is definitely something to be admired. You have to be bold and not one to shy away from the limelight in one of her creations, most definitely not for the wall flowers amongst us!! Hell no!!! I felt extremely lucky to work with the brand up close and personal down in The Smoke, it felt like i was touching a tiny piece of heaven every time, and normally i am one to exaggerate...THAT is no exaggeration. Seriously! The material is to die for with the majority in a printed silk. Luxurious on the skin and the epitomy of femininity. The strapless dresses have a bodice in the bust area, perfect to hold you in and lift you up, creating that most perfect hour-glass figure. I am most pleased to see pieces ranging from as little as £480 right the way up to £1465. Perfect for any pocket!!!!!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Tom Ford Strikes Again...

And so the delightful Tom Ford lands on Sloane Street!!!!!

Rumour has it that he will open his first stand alone store in the 'near future'. (As of yet, no dates are being bounded around! Shame!!!)  Folk over at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge will be in for a treat when it is positioned right up their street...literally! To be fair he is already stocked in the aforementioned fashion store and Selfridges also, now we can but hope that Mr. Ford may pay regular visits to his stand alone. Ahh back in the not too distant past i would have walked that street daily for lunch...time for a visit methinks...!!!


LV Meets Polka...

Having read about the Vuitton and Kusama collaboration for some time now, i was most excited to see the unveiling of pictures on my beloved Due to land in stores tomorrow i feel a sneaky peek can never harm, always nice to be prepared.

Most definitely not for the faint-hearted. It's big, it's bold and if you haven't already work out, it's totally mad for polka dots. But hey, who isn't??! This has to be Vuittons biggest collaboration since 2001. Artist Steven Sprouse (i believe we sell his book!!!) made the graffiti bags as big as they are today! So high hopes for this one then. What appears to be a young, fresh and hip design actually comes from Yayoi Kusama, 83. Yes, you read right, 83!!!!! Jacobs met her back in 2006 and fell head over heels in love with her energy, designs and work. No surprising that he ended up working with her only a few short years later.

The collection (covered in spots!!! Its like 101 Dalamations all over again!) includes dropped waist dresses, cropped trousers, frills, trench coats and silk scarves. All sporting the dotty print. I happen to be a MASSIVE fan of the polka dot and also the models hair...biased some may say. I just stick with having impeccable taste...!

Should you miss this collection then fear not, word is that there is to be a second! Hitting Selfridges on August 24th!!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

When Doves Cry...


Surprise, Surprise...

On those days when you feel slightly let down and not remotely sorry for yourself...ok, maybe just a little. But being the subject of other peoples gossip sometimes isn't that great, especially when it's not about clothes, shoes or bags (am i really that materialistic??!) Only one thing can bring a smaile back to the face...

Back with brand new judges. July 9th. Be there.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chanel Couture...

After yesterdays shows from Dior and Versace, today it was Chanel's turn to take over the couture catwalk. And no one says it better than our Lagerfeld! Reverting back to the days of Coco, the runway was awry with tweeds in a patchwork of lilac and pink, grey and black. Whilst being relaxed and modern it was the epitomy of elegance. Typical Chanel!

He brought us casual trouser suits, a floor length gown paired with an over-sized jacket (absolute heaven!) and sparkly tights galore. I think its clear to see what will be adorning every girls legs next season. Top of my list for Santa already! Kaftans seemed to rule the roost over at Chanel. With their sleeves cut short and worn over floor-skimming gowns, they really were goven a modern makeover. Dresses came in pinks and purples, with cream and pink blooms covering their fronts! Oh so light and delicate! The highlight of the show came in the finale. Lindsay Wixon. Snow Queen. See for yourself.


Monday, 2 July 2012

The House Of Dior...

Paris Couture Week didn't only bring us the return of Versace but it also unveiled the long-awaited debut collection from Raf Simons. Newly appointed creative director over at the house of Christian Dior, Simons could have fallen under the pressure. Not only did he fill the shoes of the disgraced Galliano, but also had a couture line to put together. Did he buckle??! Oh, he sure didn't!

Simons has taken prom dresses, halved their length, added embroidery and sat them on top of skinny trousers! Reminiscent of his menswear collection only last week where he most certainly showed off his love for challenging perceptions of gender!!! He brought us gowns with defined pockets and cinched in waists. Overtly architectural yet feminine all at the same time. (Easy to see how Simons originally came from an acrhitectural background!) Just as in the Versace collection there was a heavy use of soft colours, in particualr pinks and blues contrasting nicely with the neon make up! And to add to his marvellous collection (this guy doesn't do anything by halves) he filled five rooms with different flowers all the way to the ceiling, as though in a fairytale. Pure magic!!!

Apologies for the lack of photos, not the easiest to come by! As soon as more come available i will be the first one to upload...or at least i'll try!!!Xxx

I'm Leaving For Paris...

Gay Pari'!
Nowhere does it better...

Ahh the dream! If only to channel my inner Carrie Bradsahw circa season 6...!!!Xxx