Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Carpe Diem...

Having offered so much fashion news, beauty latest, exclusives...after all, this is what i'm here for. I feel it may be time for one of my sporadic inspirational posts! I have to say, i don't normally find them "inspirational" as such, more a case of writing things down can make you view things differently!!!

For what seems like years we seem to search for a life. Not realising that for all that time we are in effect letting our life fall by the way side. We let it pass us by whilst looking for something better? Convincing ourselves that we were made to end up somewhere bigger then where we currently are? But the fact is that you only get out of life what you put into it. For a long time i travelled down one road, one that was never ending, or at least it seemed that way. Often the hardest journeys are the most rewarding and i like to think that i, amongst so many others are living proof of that. Just as in so many cliches...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, etc, etc...i now know the full meaning of these sayings. I don't like to patronisingly repeat these, but in your own words it seems so much easier to ease someone else's pain through just knowing and understanding. For years i watched others fall in to what they deemed the perfect life, meeting the perfect one, marriage, children...the rest being as they say, history. Marriages last, people split up, life continues. I always envied these people, but at the same time knowing that if it was meant to happen for me it would have. But everything happens for a reason and everything happens in it's own time. Something i have only learned to be true over recent years. But now it seems that someone up there thought they would go a little easy on me and send me some joy! Now for the first time ever, i feel as though i have been handed the whole world in my hands. Always hearing of how 'happy' people are and wondering if happiness to that extent actually existed. Well, i can now tell you, yes it does, and again, i am living proof of that. However, it has become apparent that when you're down and sad, people want to discuss it, they want to keep you down there, but when you're happy, people want to try and ruin it. Doesn't seem qute right does it?! But one thing i will never understand is people. My Mum always says 'jealousy is a destructive thing' and i have learned the truth in that most recently. People would rather watch you suffer than share in your joy...

Having finally got what i have always wanted, it is true to say that my life starts here. Using my strength and courage gained through difficult times i now intend to live life to the fullest. No one ever knows whats around the corner and others need to realise this. Don't spend all your time trying to bring others down. Make your own future and your own dreams, i certainly intend to ♥

Rant over and back to what i do do best. F.A.S.H.I.O.N ♥


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