Monday, 2 July 2012

The House Of Dior...

Paris Couture Week didn't only bring us the return of Versace but it also unveiled the long-awaited debut collection from Raf Simons. Newly appointed creative director over at the house of Christian Dior, Simons could have fallen under the pressure. Not only did he fill the shoes of the disgraced Galliano, but also had a couture line to put together. Did he buckle??! Oh, he sure didn't!

Simons has taken prom dresses, halved their length, added embroidery and sat them on top of skinny trousers! Reminiscent of his menswear collection only last week where he most certainly showed off his love for challenging perceptions of gender!!! He brought us gowns with defined pockets and cinched in waists. Overtly architectural yet feminine all at the same time. (Easy to see how Simons originally came from an acrhitectural background!) Just as in the Versace collection there was a heavy use of soft colours, in particualr pinks and blues contrasting nicely with the neon make up! And to add to his marvellous collection (this guy doesn't do anything by halves) he filled five rooms with different flowers all the way to the ceiling, as though in a fairytale. Pure magic!!!

Apologies for the lack of photos, not the easiest to come by! As soon as more come available i will be the first one to upload...or at least i'll try!!!Xxx

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