Monday, 9 July 2012

LV Meets Polka...

Having read about the Vuitton and Kusama collaboration for some time now, i was most excited to see the unveiling of pictures on my beloved Due to land in stores tomorrow i feel a sneaky peek can never harm, always nice to be prepared.

Most definitely not for the faint-hearted. It's big, it's bold and if you haven't already work out, it's totally mad for polka dots. But hey, who isn't??! This has to be Vuittons biggest collaboration since 2001. Artist Steven Sprouse (i believe we sell his book!!!) made the graffiti bags as big as they are today! So high hopes for this one then. What appears to be a young, fresh and hip design actually comes from Yayoi Kusama, 83. Yes, you read right, 83!!!!! Jacobs met her back in 2006 and fell head over heels in love with her energy, designs and work. No surprising that he ended up working with her only a few short years later.

The collection (covered in spots!!! Its like 101 Dalamations all over again!) includes dropped waist dresses, cropped trousers, frills, trench coats and silk scarves. All sporting the dotty print. I happen to be a MASSIVE fan of the polka dot and also the models hair...biased some may say. I just stick with having impeccable taste...!

Should you miss this collection then fear not, word is that there is to be a second! Hitting Selfridges on August 24th!!!!!

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