Sunday, 1 July 2012

Reed All About It...

And so we welcome aboard Paula Reed. I feel that this news has arrived with you a few days late, however busy weekend beckoned and so blogging was put on the back burner yesterday. Utmost apologies. Anyway, i digress. For those not in the know will now be wondering who on earth is this Ms. Reed?! Well she is soon to be, if not already, the former style director of Grazia to be exact. (What a job!!!!!) Grazia appeared on the scene back in 2005 and Reed has held her postition with them since day one. I must admit that of all the glossy's Grazia has to be up there nearing first position. So many of them get it so unbelievably wrong, i don't wish to read gossip about Z-list celebs or pick up tips on how to starve myself in to the revoltingly ugly stringy swimsuit. I could probaby write that article!!! No, no, no, there is no joy in that. Grazia feeds you fashion, lifestyle, heck sometimes political issues. Everything real, in the world today, issues of interest. I do believe she will be sadly missed but on a selfish note, it's their pain, HN's gain!!! As of the 21st September she will be joining the prestigious world that is Harvey Nichols as the group fashion director. Ahh the life of a serious fashionista, feeling rather envious right now!

Welcome, welcome!!!Xxx

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