Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Take Care, Garnier...

Now i am unsure whether or not i should admit to this (being a fash/beaut/, that definitely doesn't feature in the Oxford dictionary!!! Take it from me!) but working on a predominantly beauty orientated floor i SHOULD be using products from each of our beauty-ful counters (see what i did there??!) However, there comes a time when bags and shoes are more important so money has to be dealt with and certain luxuries have to be pushed aside. Having said this, i see no shame in the fact that my somewhat questionable pink bedroom and bathroom is like a haven to Garnier. The stuff is amazing, right from their facial cleanser to hair coulours. I love it!! And these are not words that pass my lips easily, especially where skincare is concerned.

Now, Garnier  have a 'vision of beauty' and taken from their very own website, i quote "For Garnier, beauty is within us all. Everyone possesses it's own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beaty shine through...For Garnier the aim of beauty is happiness and feeling at ease with others"...well, you can't say fairer than that!

My love affair with the brand started a few years back. I have never needed to wear a fake tan, the likes of St. Tropez and Fake Bake look utterly ridiculous on me. Having been lucky enough to be blessed with olive skin, these just don't bode well with me! And now being covered in tattoos...well, i look like some kind of rebel Barbie Doll! Summerbody is just perfect, applied to exfoliated skin, it's a thin moisturising lotion with a lovely golden colour that develops over only a few hours. The deeper the colour you require, the more layers you apply. It doesn't clog, doesn't streak and even has quite a pleasant smell, the same can't be said for other brands. Who wants to walk around smelling like a loaf of bread for heavens sake??! Definitely not me!!

Available form Boots, Superdrug or any good supermarket! Perfect for giving you that summer glow all year round!

Next i got in to the Intensive 7 days challenge. I am a real sucker for adverts on the tv. I saw this and had to rush out and buy some, i am like an advertiseres dream, fall for anything. However, this definitely did what it said on the tin! This i applied on a morning and evening for seven days straight. What i loved was that it wasn't greasy! Sometimes after moisturising your skin can feel clammy and putting clothes on immediately feels rather repulsive. This absorbed quicky into the skin leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

And it's available in different fragrances! Amazing!!!

Soon to follow was the skincare but this time for the face! I am always a bit wary as having used products in the past leaving me with unpleasant skin, this was a rather a large leap of trust, However, i had high hopes. Now i had glowing silky skin, it called for the same for the face! So away i went to purchase the fresh essentials line this time, cleanser and toner with grape extract. My face feels like it has been stood under a waterfall for hours. Smooth and fully invigorated. I have never been one for dry or sensitive skin (lucky me!) so i opted for normal to combination skin. However, you do have the choice there should you need it!

Refreshens, brightens, cleanses and tones. Just what the Doctor ordered!

For years i have now worn quite heavy foundations. Back as a fresh-faced uni student at the tender age of 19, lines under the eyes were few and alcohol intake was a firm zero. Now 10 years on times they have changed and so has my skin. Lately i have been weraing Mac foundation, which is great for the ultimate cover up, blemishes hidden and a perfect glow. But sometimes your skin feels clogged, under the lights of work, heat and whatever else you face within one day, leaves you feeling 100 years old by night time. I was recently told to try a tinted moisturiser. I am pretty positive that negative words flowed from my mouth at this point. Sure, they were great back in the day when youth was on your side. Now, not so much!!! But, i let this advice sink in and then came aross a trial pack of Garnier BB cream. Never opened. Never used. Days off are perfect for trying new things, not having to leave the house the most redeeming point. So after my usual beauty regime i applied this instead of my usual foundation. I feel like i am wearing nothing but have the coverage and colour given by my beloved Mac. BUT, my skin feels lighter and like it can actually breathe!

Miracle Skin Perfector! And it really is! Maybe i should listen to his advice more often...although you never like men to think they're right all the time and it was my idea to go for the Garnier...!

Thank the lord for days off, let's go see what other products i can come back with today!!!Yayyy for Garnier!!!Xxx

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