Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Return Of The Cult...

Such a long time has passed since i visited...well maybe only a few weeks but it feels like a lifetime! All i can do is apologise, however i feel like sorry isn't enough. I have just left you hanging there, so much uncertainty of when i will return. But let's look at it like annual leave. You're entitled to this from work and other practices so this is what i am sticking to. Time out. Anyway, i am back, and i am back with a whole new lot of purchases,  and adventures to speak of. Obviously you saw the post re. New York, New York, right??! Time can not pass quick enough until this amazing holiday. It is like all of my dreams come true. Really, really! But obviously where there comes holiday, closely follows holiday clothes, or even better New York wardrobe!!!!! I can almost hear him groaning at this very comment, but they who know me know that this was ineviatble.

You may remember a while back i posted about Aggy doing it for the Docs??! Well, these hit shops and then almost immediately hit my feet at the same time. Well, it just had to be done. A trip to New York where snow may fall and the temperatures will efinitely drop just called for a pair of boots WITHOUT a heel! I never thought i would see the day i would embrace the flats, but the day has arrived.

Can love strike twice in the same month??! Well it almost feels like it when i first laid eyes on these!!! I went for the three strap boots in black but do also come in cherry red. However, getting another year older and becoming 'sensible' lead me towards to a pair that would go with everything! However the whole collection is to die for. The Teddy Boys are as amazing in life as they are shown here, not practical for the winter weather as they are velvet in texture but they may have to be purchased at some point!!!

Ahh how i have missed you! I fear that i could overload you with news and newness to the life and the wardrobe, but i don't want to give too much away at once! So please await my next post...that will probably come in about half an hour or so! I will be a woman obsessed once more!!!Xxx

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