Saturday, 1 September 2012

Capsule Queen...

And so the glorious pay day arrives. I have to force myself to stay indoors during working hours and even lunch breaks. The temptation to spend just becomes too much. I break out in a sweat, my hands are all clammy, breathing is all over the place, shakes are the only answer is chocolate. Really doesn't have the same effect as spending hard earned cash on desirable wears though. Although the thought of going to New York in approximately 77 days could make me stay in forever (not that i'm counting or anything!!!) Chocolate just makes getting into those pleather leggings all the more difficult...swings and roundabuts and all that! And to be honest at the age of 29 should i really be wearing pleather leggings??! Hell yes i hear you say??! Perfect answer! If you've got it, flaunt it i say!

So with the new pieces of legging firmly in my life i thought that may heal the spending didn't. That feeling of handing over money and walking out of the shop with a bag is what i love. Planning the whole outfits. What shoes??! Which bag??! Lipstick colour, top, jacket??! Oh god i get so carried away. I had to seek solace in the only places i knew would make me feel comfortble and would put pay to the horrid shakes i was encountering...Zara and H&M. Even now i become relaxed, the breathing evens out and i feel like Lassie when he finds his home once more. At ease. Welcome. Ahhh. Relief. 

H&M. £14.99.
Perfect with cons, heels, tees and blazers. Dressed up or dressed down these are my jeans of the moment. Just enough stretch to still enjoy chocolate and the odd glass of the pink stuff.

H&M. £19.99.
I just love oversized jumpers. Over denim shirts or black sheer with a little added bow. Ideal for work and just hanging around on those cool post-Summer days. A definite item for the New York wardrobe!

Zara. £29.99. 
These are as comfortable as pyjama bottoms. No wardobe is complete without a pair of harem pants. The colour is so this season and works perfectly with casual sneakers and my new little red kitten heels. With black or white these definitely make a true fashion statement. 

Zara. £39.99. 
Very J-Brand-esque i hear you say??! Oh yes indeed. Zara just seems to get it so right everytime. A perfect purchase when zips have popped midday and an alternative needs to be purchased...! Comfortable, durable, wearable. The almost velvet pattern dresses them up a perfect amount. Capsule wardrobe??! Oh i am the Queen of that!!!Xxx

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