Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I Heart Zara...

And so my love affair with Zara continues. I try not to enter the shop when i pass it, but somehow my strength falters (which almost never happens!!!) and i give in to temptation. It starts with a simple perusal of tables, occassionally i let my eyes wander to the rails and the shoes below, and then the next rail, and then the next, then something catches my eye in the far corner, matching shoes underneath...never should i ever let myself look in the mirror a short walk away, there i see the next item that would complete my wardrobe!!! And so it goes. Everytime. All the time. I should have a restraining order from the owners!!! What i love about Zara, if i haven't voiced this before, is that everything is so wearable. Trousers that can so easily be taken from daytime with Converse or sandals to evening with a pair of their killer heels (of which i own quite a few!) tees are complimented with faux leather sleeves, perfect with blazers for the working girl, easily tucked into your high waister pencil cinched in with a belt for the moonlight hours. I just love it. I love the fact that as i walk around i make outfits in my head, one after the other, pieces easily transferable with other pieces. If you're ever stuck for something to wear...this little haven will definitely make your day.

Here are my latest finds...

Vamp Shoe. £39.99.

Studded Heel Ballerina. £29.99.

Ankle Boot With Metal Toe. £79.99.

Harem Pants. £29.99.

Trousers With An Argyle Jacquard. £39.99.

Faux Leather Sleeved T-Shirt. £17.99.

Faux Leather Sleeved T-Shirt. £22.99.

Two-Tone Lace T-Shirt. £29.99.

Long Fur Waistcaot. £239.00.

There really is so much more out there. I went crazy on this website and there aren't that many websites that keep my attention for that long! From the prices to the quality, my heart does truly belong to Zara. Now to go and sell my soul to enable these delightful wears to be a part of my life!!!Xxx

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