Wednesday, 12 September 2012

JW Anderson X Topshop...

Since having left London there are certain brands i have missed working with, Preen, Katrantzou, JW Anderson just to name but a few. So imagine my delight when i realised that i can once again have one of these brands in my vicinity. Only two days to go until the launch of JW Anderson for Topshop collaboration. I am so used to posting about collabs with H&M so its really rather nice to have a small change.

I first checked out the collection when the news emerged a while back, my eye was instantly drawn to the darkness behind it. The grungey nature, ruffled up black hair, roller boots??! I haven't been on a pair of those since the early nineties!!! Come to think of it, there is an air of nostalgia in the pieces, especially with the skirts over trousers look...not sure i will let that idea appear in my wardrobe. Brings back flashbacks from the after-show party 1998!!!

Layering is key here and they take it to the extreme! Padded sleeveless t-shirts under shirts, under jackets. If you're going to do something then you may aswell do it well and my word, Anderson definitely has. The Irish Times were more than delighted to tell us how he even stayed at the shoot for his lookbook, makes me think that very few designers do this!!!

Friday is D-Day!!!Xxx

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