Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Leather Perfector...

So, i have been awaiting about two weeks for this little beauty to hit Topshop stores. I spotted it in their magazine a while back, which may i add is a delightful read and free to pick up!!! Perfect! I searched the website, google, allsorts to locate a picture and none could be found. But alas, there it was waiting in my Topshop email, in all it's glory!

Oversized Leather Jacket. £200.

Forget the reinvention of the biker (although i will still be sporting my studded beaut, that baby is going nowhere!) forget the tailored leather, it's all about the mans look. Be it vintage, designer or high street, leather is in, big style. If i had my way i would spend my life in leather, maybe i should have been a Harley rider??! From Grace Jones to Blondie to Bon Jovi, leather has rocked the ages and is still going strong. This may seem slightly on the steep side for Topshop, but a leather can be worn day in day out, smart, casual, winter, summer...pretty much an all rounder!!! A true investment piece!!!Xxx

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