Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mum, When I Grow Up I Want To Join The Army...

I do find it funny how trends come back around. In my lifetime i always used to my Mum saying 'I used to wear that!' You never actually think that you will be around to see your trends coming alive again. What with fashion constantly evolving and changing from season to season yet, they are all based on eras gone by. 60s, 70's, even 80's and 90's! Aspects are always stolen! If i go back 10 years, when i first really started my love affair with fashion, the start of university, the beginning of the time you can be you, no restraints imposed by school or peers. Confidence at an all time high and cares at the lowest number. I used to walk around in skinny ripped denim, slouchy pixie boots, long earrings, mounds of bracelets and camouflage jackets! Oversized, tailored, sleeveless! Lord i even once cut the sleeves off a denim jacket and sewed a camouflage cross on to the back of it. Very All Saints, however totally on trend now! Oh if only i had kept that! I fashioned a pair of shorts then into a mini from an old pair of real army pants, i just couldn't get enough! Of course i didn't wear it all together. I did have an eye, even back then! Now you can venture into any of the high-street shops and there you will find a whole line dedictaed to all that is army and khaki. I was tempted to purchase a piece and then i chose to leave that trend back with the memories i made back then. Leave it to the young ones ey??!

Badge Army Jacket. £55.00. Topshop.

Shellshock Camouflage Jacket. The Ragged Priest. £70.00. Topshop.
They also offer a whole host of others but due to the fact that i seem only able to get back pictures they all look the same. I am a massive fan of The Ragged Priest, for those who remember i did a post on them back in December. I purchased a leather gilet with silver studs on the shoulders, this also has the same on them. Amazing! I also love the denim and camouflage combination, stands out from the crowd. They have a full military print by The Ragged Priest for £55.00 and then a plain and studded by Topshop for £48.00 and £65.00 respectively! 

Camouflage Overshirt. £29.99. Zara. 
Zara (yes is my beloved!) is also another high-street store that jumped on the military bandwagon. I was going to put on their signature jacket, khaki with leather sleeves but thought i would opt for the shirt. Perfect worn here with jeans but also great over LBD with ankle boots, long gold chains and your little trilby! 

Khaki PU Sleeve Army Jacket. £55.00. River Island. 
So another piece similar to the Zara, but i still love it. Again worn casual or over your night out attire this works anywhere, anytime!

Maybe i will purchase a piece, maybe i won't. I am undecided. The Ragged Priest could change my mind!!!Xxx

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