Thursday, 13 September 2012

Topshop Unique...

So today i have had serious blog withdrawal symptoms, being out with the family mean't a day away from the laptop. However sometimes it is nice to get out and get inspiration for new posts. A day in York was enjoyed and it felt decidedly like Winter. The leaves were turning red and lining the walkways and the stroll around the river was brisk. The leather should have been swapped with the coat but the trilby was out and it started to feel alot like Christmas. The years are definitely getting shorter!

One thing i do love in York apart from pretty much everything is Topshop. It has to be one of the biggest ones outside of London. I love it! And due to the fact that we have a big pushchair with us i always like to judge fixtures and whether you can get the puschair around, and just as i thought, York came up the best! I don't often buy in Topshop but i just love looking at all the collections, London can sometimes be too much. Too much to look at, too much to see, nothing flows. York is so different, everything tells a story, merchandising is well up to scratch. One of the major shows i am excited for is Topshop Unique and i knew that i would return home and do some sneaky spying into it.

Now unfortunately all i could find was AW12, which i know everyone will have seen way back in February, but it is quite nice for a refresher before the show on Sunday!


Compared to normal Topshop lines this did strike me as very dark and sombre, something i love in fashion. The JW Anderson collection fits in with this perfectly! There is an air of maturity and cool attitude, something i admire greatly in Topshop. The way they manage to cater for a certain girl, allowing girls out there to personalise and create their own image. The use of different fabrics nad textures are perfect for the Winter, layering is key and they have worked all of this into their best collection to date!!!Xxx

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