Monday, 22 October 2012

People Watching...

A week can feel like it's over in a second. Sometimes it can feel like forever. Today i am going with the latter.

So, to make myself feel better i have visited numerous places today in an attempt to put a smile back on my otherwise sad face. First came Zara, this had no effect i am saddened to say. Next came Topshop, this was equally as painful. Home i came to my wonderfully fixed laptop, ahhh Filled with the lastest fashion news, winter coats, street style chic, blogs, trends, Chanel and Brad Pitt (not loving the latter part of that sentence. I have to say that the fact he appears on the advert made me switch my perfume this month! YSL all the way!) has got it going onnnnn!

I have always been a fan of people watching. Imagine doing this in London, Tokyo, Paris, New York!!! Wow! These UK-ers have nothing on the rest of the world. Don't get me wrong, we know how to dress alright, but some of these just can't step a foot wrong in the fashion world. JEALOUS!!!!!

I just had to get in my fashion goddess ADR! Number one rule 'Always wear evening wear in the day!!!' One to definitely stick to!!!!!

Hmmm, the smile is flickering somewhere beneath the frown. The fact i feel like i have lost my right arm is simmering quietly, the phone is as far away from me as possible and my connection to the outside world is all but via laptop.

People watching will suffice for now. Next stop, Sweden!!!Xxx

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