Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shopping Blues...

After a long stressful, emotional week (who'd be a woman eh??!) i decided that it was high time i paid a visit to Topshop. So the leather and the fur went on, Louis on the arm and i head over to the fashion paradise. The hype surrounding the opening had all died down so i was free to wander the store taking in its make over, which didn't disappoint! It was actually like being in a childs version of Oxford Street, like a toy world. Of course the stock didn't differ form York last week, or The White Rose but somwhow you felt like it was the first time of seeing any of it! Stores are very clever!!! The weather outside had most certainly warmed up from the day before so under all those lights and fur clad, the temperature of me was starting to rise. Not good! I paid a quick visit downstairs and there i fell in love. This always happens. This is always the reason i should stay away from shops. However, i have been very sensible this month and have only made few purchases form Zara, fur and bag included! So when my eyes set on the boots and jacket my heart leaped out of my chest. Although maybe that was the weather??! Anyway, i hovered around my new loves, sweating, excited, all the emotions! I had to leave, the only thing for it!!!

Aggro Black Stud Boots. £85.00.
Ahhh! Black. Studs. Spikes. Patent. All that you could want from a pair of boots. They also come with gold detail but the black, subtle embellishment screamed luxury!!! A must-have!!! 

Grenade Military Jacket. The Ragged Priest. £75.00.
Like music to my eyes when i saw this brand. One i first fell in love with way back when in my London times. One i thought i had grown out of. One i was very wrong about. A brand i definitely need to buy back into.

Stinger Aran Cardigan. The Ragged Priest. £65.00.

Lockhart Coat. The Ragged Priest. £85.00. 

Oh i could go on, and on, and on! The website is to die for and the lookbook is just amazing. Topshop also had the shirts with leather sleeves and i was edging to the till before the near sunstroke kicked in (can you get that from lights??!) so i left without a bag!!! However the other day i ventured into Zara to de-tag something and left with a bag, i don't know how that happened!!!!!

Watch this space. I may not be able to resist the temptation any longer. These would be well worth staying in for the rest of the month for. Now there's a thought!!!Xxx

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