Monday, 1 October 2012

Stella SS13...

All hail Stella McCartney. Not only she did design Team GB's kit, get nominated for for Best Designer of the Year for this year's British Fashion Awards but also her label is having a storming time. It has been repoted that her sales rose 19% in 2011. Recession??! What recession??! ( I know i don't normally quote figures, perhaps the BF is having that effect on me??! I will keep it to a minimum in future!)

Stella also opened a store in Shanghai this summer, so it's plain to see that the label is truly going from strength to strength. Whilst all this hard work is going on it definitely isn't reflected in her collection. Easy to wear, relaxed and slouchy pieces. The true meaning of comfort right there. Sleeveless dresses, voluminous jumpers, sheer fabrics, dropped-waists, light and airy! Having said this Stella's undying love for tailoring was still present, she never disappoints! There were some tea-dresses just for the girly-girls, but still a strong sense of that masculine slash feminine charm.


From oranges to greens to prints and whites, the summer season is evident througout. And a use of broderie anglaise and various embellishments adds to the depth of the collection!!!Xxx

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