Friday, 30 November 2012

New York, New York...Again...

New York, New York, how your name still covets my entire world. I have dreamed of nothing else for a week and shall dream of no other for quite frankly, a lifetime. From your towering skyrapers to your tranquil spaces and churches galore, the flame i lit shall be my homage to your wonderful self. Even now, it seems so surreal to think that i was once in the most famous city in the world (in my opinion!) for  a whole week. My biggest dream quite honestly came true. Too many memories to recap and too many breath-taking moments to tell of. I can cry at the drop of a hat at the best of times but tears were present on many an occasion! Riding in the yellow cab en route to Manhattan with the first sighting of the ever impressive skyline ahead, horse and cart ride around Central Park, 9/11 memorial, boarding the helicopter, the view from Empire State and my first glimpse of Lady Liberty being top of the list. However, i feel that reality hit when walking through Central Park. A vague recollection of Home Alone II came back to me and then all made sense. It's actual name is Bethesda Fountain, featured in many a film and programme! A short walk away lies the terrace, under archway and decorated in the most beautiful Minton tiles. It feels like a piece of what i would imagine old New York to be. The moment was finished off perfectly with a trio of voices belting out an outstanding rendition of 'You Raise Me Up', acapella. Well, i am sure you can imagine my reaction. Standing quite literally in the middle of my own dream, my life felt complete. The words of the song ringing thorough and true. Tears of joy and pure happiness. That moment shall play over in my mind always. An epiphanous encounter shall we say. Perfect.  




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