Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Girl Crush...

Now, i'm not being funny but what is it with absolutey gorgeous women at the moment? Every where i turn!!! It doesn't do much for the confidence i can tell you. And i don't just mean gorgeous like run of the mill pretty, but i mean STUNNING! New York was full of them, magazines are full of them, online, television. I need a serious pampering day to get me back to my best i think! Some full on girl crushes going on, and may i say that Rihanna is top of the list!!! She sizzled on X Factor and just keeps on getting better...  

Dressed in Alexander Wang SS13 collection she showed that hair long or short, this girl stilll got it going onnnnn!!!  

Dressed in Balmain. Ths girl can do no wrong!!!

Anja Rubik. Zanotti. Diesel. Owens. Van Noten. Smith. Swoon.

Rosamund Pike. McQueen SS13. Words fails me.  

Gabriella Wilde. Burberry. Perfect.  

I feel that i can not go any further other than to say that thee women are pure sex. Tips coming soon. Notepad at the ready. Eyes down. Look in!!!Xxx

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