Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Year...

Having not had much to do this past week i almost feel like a traitor writing on here. For over the next couple of weeks i shall be so busy with late nights, Christmas festivities and catching up with nearest and dearest that posts may be at a minimum. I apologise in advance. Weeks like this aren't much fun too much thinking and time for self reflection, but knowing that a new year will soon start is always good. As i think i said last year, new years are a bit of an anti-climax, they come, they go, all out to start with the best of intentions. Surely what will be will be and everything happens for a reason and all that. For me 2012 has been pretty amazing, i started out the year in an old friend's house party down in London. Yes, that's right i lived down there a whole year ago. And now here i am, a whole year on, happy, content, good job, good friends and a family and loved ones that i absolutely adore. What else could 2013 possibly bring that i don't already have??! I can't wait to see!!!Xxx  

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