Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Street Style...

And so as the weather gets colder and the air turns icier it is time for a change in the wardrobe. Winter coats out, scarves, hats, gloves, as many layers as you can get on to be honest. However, do avoid the Michelin man look, it isn't all the rage this season!!! It is so hard to remain true to fashion in this weather, none of this heels around town when ice is present eveywhere you turn. I have already suffered an accident in the car i don't fancy any more injuries this year. But it is still nice to see that some people get to seriously work it this festive month. Street Style. My favourite thing.  

Wrap around scarves, tea cosy hats, Celine's (ahhhhh!), leather, biker, tweed, oversixed, fur, just too many to mention. All my loves in one season. Now to preen the wardrobe for my days back to work. I am back people!!!Xxx  

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