Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Perfect Clutch...

So the party season is close at hand and I just know that all you ladies will be rummaging deep in your wardrobes for something to get caught under the mistletoe in!!! You can’t kid a kidder; I know how this lark works by now. Glitzy number. Check. Skyscraper knock-out heels. Check. Perfect pout. Check. And off you go to dance the night away. Oh, but wait a minute. There is something missing, what could it be? The accessory that no woman can be without, day or night it never fails to let you down. No of course I am not talking about a man; I am talking about the perfect clutch. Ahhh. Always by your side, to hold your must-haves and needs. If you don’t have one, get one. Your life will be complete.


Choosing a bag is never easy, you don’t need to tell me I’m a nightmare when it comes to that task. At least five laps of the store will be done until I settle on the chosen one. There are lots of things to take into consideration, size, colour, strap or no strap? All of these things you are best having some idea of before heading out on this trip, otherwise just prepare to be completely overwhelmed. Especially in my little bag haven!

Now if you are anything like me you will go for timeless pieces, yes? A bag that may cause you to widen the purse strings (or extend the overdraft, whichever you prefer) but one that will never date and even in five years’ time will still look good under the arm. Take the Stella McCartney Falabella clutch for example; with its signature chain detail and faux suede texture this is sure to be a knock out with your LBCD (Little Black Christmas Dress.)
It is available in a multitude of colours and prints and at £515 you can consider it an early Christmas present to yourself.

If I have just broke the bank with that one then here is something slightly more affordable, after all there is something for everyone down at Harvey Nichols. I am sure all you lovely ladies have been all over the stud trend this season, and I am feeling that this is set to continue for some time yet. SO, what better way to work it than with studs…and lots of them? Sam Edelman doing it for the girls!!!
With added wrist strap (safety first ladies) you will have this by your side all night. Trusty steed. And if you really feel like pushing the boat out due to this being a total steal at £240, then you can always treat yourself to the matching shoes!!! Just saying.

Now for my last one I could go totally OTT and show you the bag that could only be classed as an actual masterpiece, a true work of art. All Hail McQueen…but at £1265 I think that could be more of an item to be added to ones wishlist. So instead we will go for a delightful DKNY number.
It’s black, it’ embellished, it’s a box clutch. The ultimate clutch for the festive season, with added mirror there is no reason for smudged lipstick after your moment under the mistletoe.  And at only £135…well, that just means a few less selection boxes for your little angels.

Good luck ladies and choose wisely. Your mistletoe happiness depends on it!!!Xxx
(Check out the column in Yorkshire Post Style Supplement)

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