Sunday, 27 January 2013

Open Arms...

For You. From Me!!!Xxx

Yorkshire Post Column...

My Latest Yorkshire Post Offering!!!

Dear Stylist,

So winter is definitely in full swing and I am in need of some sunshine. The week is booked, bikinis out of the summer wardrobe and sun cream at the top of the shopping list. The only thing I am lacking is some signature shades. I am fed up of buying cheap pairs and them breaking a day into my sunshine break. Please help me find some stylish, classic, timeless frames that will last me holiday after holiday. You may just be my holiday angel!!!

Well it just so happens that you and I are in the exact same boat. Escaping the snow and the post-Christmas blues just has to be done to keep ones sanity intact. Now if you’re anything like me you will love a bargain at this time of year and I just so happened to snap up a few in my bikini shopping. But one area you can’t afford to be frugal is with the shades! They can adorn any outfit and be it skiing, lying on a beach, driving in the car or simply hiding hungover eyes…they really are everyone’s best friend.

Ever dreamed of being Holly Golightly and skipping down a Manhattan sidewalk? No? Just me then. Or, even better, ever fancied yourself on the arm of Val Kilmer in Top Gun? You got the hint yet? Yes!!! Ray-ban, one of the most famous sunglasses brands of our time. Most tend to go for the wayfarer, however I find the aviator a tad more flattering, all depending on face shape of course.
The average price is around £130 and they are available with different colour frames and lenses, they offer 100% UV protection and look like pure perfection! Once you invest you will be hooked. You want a piece of pure American heritage? Then THIS is the way to do it.

If you have browsed through any magazines of late then you will see the pages covered with the cat-eye and round shape. The majority fear these but please don’t joint the crowds; sunglasses are like a pair of jeans, you have to try on dozens before you find the perfect pair. Celine have been wowing us with their leather goods, now it is time to turn your eyes to their frames. Never one to conform to the norm, they have joined the fashion pack and produced their take on the new trend! And at £260 you have to be sure these are the ones for you!

With their black polarised lenses they offer excellent protection for your eyes as well as looking oh so Parisian chic.  

But, if playing it safe and subtle is for you then opt for the Gucci’s. In tortoise shell or black they offer the oversized shape any discerning fashionista longs for. The logo sits at the top of the arm, just enough for notice to be taken. Hair up or down, it really won’t matter. When all else fails Gucci will always pull through. And at £220 you can pretty much guarantee that they will be in your life forever.



Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bag Envy...

Well after a day like today there can be only one thing for it...window shopping (and by window I mean computer screen!!!) and a good old fashioned Gin & a can! I am so classy I know! As today started I wished it to be over...yes, one of those! We all have them! Now one would think that after working with bags and purses, belts, scarves all day, then one would like nothing more than to look at anything but all these items, right??! Well, one would be wrong! I just can't get enough of it. I made the oh so silly mistake of comp shopping other stores yesterday, so in effect, our rivals. However, I was unprepared for what was going to greet me. I had a slight feeling of what it could be but not all of it in ALL it's glory...Prada and Miu Miu. Just there. Standing tall. Beautiful. Proud. Ahhhhh!!!

Now I do have a tendency to find certain items and absolutely obsess over them. The look, the fabric, just the whole thing altogether. I don't particularly need it in my life, sometimes the dream of it is actually better than having it. So, first up is THE Prada clutch, anyone who knows me will know which one I mean. Diamond Jacquard Clutch Bag. Part of the catwalk collection, it really is the ultimate in clutch bags! Down from £385 to £275 this is the very best in bargains. A timeless keepsake. Secondly, we have the Miu Miu Nappa Mattelasse clutch, beautiful leather, chic and subtle but super gorgeous. A real investment piece at £355. And last but by no means least is the Mulberry Alexa Tassle bag. This needs no words, at £695 from £995 you can't go wrong for a piece of this pure British brand. Perfection. (And plus I am a tad obsessed with Alexa so it would be slightly like I was carrying a piece of her around...weird??! Hmmm...maybe a little!!!)Xxx

Friday, 11 January 2013


I just love the new season collections already! We have already seen Wang in all it's glory, today's Metro showcased a piece of JW Andersons menswear line...a photo will come later! But just so that you are fully prepared I shall say one word...skorts! Those in the know will know what I mean! But my absolute fave has to be Acne...obvs! I have been a massive fan of this Swedish brand for quite sometime, from the leathers, the boots to the infamous cuts! It is just sheer amazingness. To die for. Those Swedes do one thing well and that is most definitely fashion. From my brief days wandering the Swedish streets, well it isn't just full of beautiful architecture I can tell you. Street Style to the max, never to disappoint!!! So, let's take a look at their pre-fall AW13 offering, ahhhhh perfecto!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Doing It For The Wang...

Alexander Wang. Ahhhhh. What is there to say??! Erm...Rihanna, Rocco, New York, studs, leather, hammocks (only those in the know will know!!!), fluos, Diego, AWESOME!!! Literally. I was in love with Wang for quite some time.Admiring his collections from afar. Following his feeds on facebook. Visiting his store in New York. got it yet??! Ah well, i tried. Yes, 'tis true. Wang is like a cult. Once you are in you are never getting out!!!Xxx

The Smiths...



And so another year is here. 2013. It seems very strange to be so far in the 2000's, that can only mean one thing...i am officially getting older!!! The year of the big 3-0 actually, scary stuff. But i shall not turn bitter at the coming of age, no, no! I shall embrace it and take it well in my stride. To be fair 2012 turned out to be a pretty good year and i have a feeling that this year may just somehow beat it!!! It is funny to think that after all the preparation and late nights, Christmas seems to come and go in a flash. Over and done with, wrapping paper quickly off its roll and in the bin! But, the start of a new year can mean only one thing...and that is the new collections hitting the stores. Sale items slowly but surely making their way of the shelves leaving room for all the pretty new produce to leave it's mark. Ahhh SS13 is sure going to be a good one. Bright colours, summer on the way and light mornings to wake up to. February can be good for one thing and one thing only...FASHION WEEKS!!!!! My computer doesn't know what's hit it when the fashion packs hit London, Paris, New York, Sweden, just everywhere! Street Style shots in abundance, must-haves, high street rip offs and the to die for items haunting me on a daily basis! Days are calmer and my iPad will be bringing news straight from fashionstas paradise as it happens!!!

2013. You may just be my new best friend!!!Xxx