Wednesday, 9 January 2013


And so another year is here. 2013. It seems very strange to be so far in the 2000's, that can only mean one thing...i am officially getting older!!! The year of the big 3-0 actually, scary stuff. But i shall not turn bitter at the coming of age, no, no! I shall embrace it and take it well in my stride. To be fair 2012 turned out to be a pretty good year and i have a feeling that this year may just somehow beat it!!! It is funny to think that after all the preparation and late nights, Christmas seems to come and go in a flash. Over and done with, wrapping paper quickly off its roll and in the bin! But, the start of a new year can mean only one thing...and that is the new collections hitting the stores. Sale items slowly but surely making their way of the shelves leaving room for all the pretty new produce to leave it's mark. Ahhh SS13 is sure going to be a good one. Bright colours, summer on the way and light mornings to wake up to. February can be good for one thing and one thing only...FASHION WEEKS!!!!! My computer doesn't know what's hit it when the fashion packs hit London, Paris, New York, Sweden, just everywhere! Street Style shots in abundance, must-haves, high street rip offs and the to die for items haunting me on a daily basis! Days are calmer and my iPad will be bringing news straight from fashionstas paradise as it happens!!!

2013. You may just be my new best friend!!!Xxx

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