Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Night Pleasures...

So much for being the first few days of Spring...more snow than I have seen in years, closed roads, ice, slush, wellies, heating up full notch...but I still made it out in my heels on Saturday night! And I expect that you aren't that shocked!!! Well it may be snowing but I am a firm believer that if you want something hard enough and believe in it enough then it will happen! Sooooo, if I love and breathe Summer then the hot weather will happen??! We can but try! So, as of tomorrow my bright pink Luella bag is coming out of the wardrobe and I am fully embracing all things bright. I have a hefty 12/14 hour shift ahead and the only thing that will get me through will be the dizzy heights of Summer...slightly mad??! Yes, probably! Plans are being made and trips to London will be being booked. Since moving back I have visited once and this simply will not do, my Southern bezzies deserve a visit as do I!

So back to my Sunday night, dinner and drinks out I am back on the sofa with iPad, dressing gown and Ashley Banjo on the box. Mentally preparing for the day to come tomorrow I shall also bring you pictures straight from the new Leeds Trinity Centre. How very exciting!!!Xxx

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