Monday, 12 May 2014

Acceptable In The 80's...

As everyone will know I am a massive fan of shopping, and would pretty much do it for a hobby if money grew on trees. (Someone really needs to look into that happening!!!) Be it windows, online or actual in store shopping, I just can't get enough. I find myself building outfits and heading to the high street to take off the premium brands style. My afternoons then consist of internet exploring and wardrobe delving to see what I can piece together. 

So for as long as I can remember I have loved black clothes, it's just so easy to wear, perfect to add colour to and simply never dates. And speaking of colour, as much as I love the bold prints we are seeing everywhere, nothing says chic like a splash of gold. Now after perusing MANY online websites, I have picked some of my faves, and then put these into signature looks any discerning fashionista should be coveting this season. Not every piece may be to die for in your mind, but they will give you an idea of what works and how to wear it.

Starting with the shoes, not everyone is a lover of heels I know, but evening attire just calls their name. Block heels make for comfort if you really aren't used to wearing anything other than a ballet shoe or trainer. The gold embellishment is subtle but if wearing all black it makes a bold enough statement. If you are slightly wider around the ankle then I would probably advise to stay away from the ankle strap, as this can cut your legs off in the wrong place. So instead Zara have a stunning pair of heels at the moment, a real take off of Louboutin's but with a more pleasant price tag. These shown here are the Rodeo Double Strap Sandals, £58, Topshop.

Next we have the circular top from H&M. I always love the idea of camisoles but hate bra straps and strapless bras. They make for a really uncomfortable night out and normally make their way into my clutch bag! This top is loose enough for no bra if you are smaller busted. Ideal with high waisted skirt, jeans, trousers, whatever you're opting for. The lower panel is satin so can easily be dressed up for the evening. And at £29.99 the price is perfect. This looks amazing under a blazer and can I also suggest adding a statement pair of gold earrings? I would steer away from the necklace as the cami sits so perfectly across the chest that anything too heavy could spoil this sleek look! 

The skirt and shorts may not be preferable for everyone, but I am a massive fan of the fuller skirt this season. H&M has this metallic pleated one shown above at a small price of £29.99, looks amazing with flats or heels. It all just depends on your style and confidence. I tried this with pumps and a blazer and it simply had to be brought home with me. Gold lame really brings back the 80's into modern day, and even if you lived the era first time around, there's no reason why you can't make it work this time. Do it at your own comfort and style! And the best thing about H&M at the moment is that if you sign up to their newsletter you get a code to save 25% online!!! It's only off one item so choose wisely.

The blazer I added just because, if you haven't gathered it already, i LOVE blazers. And this weather is perfect for them. Not cold enough to get the winter coat back out and really not warm enough to go without. The Kate Moss for Topshop shown above is just what I'm talking about, £120 for a lame tuxedo with a stunning satin lapel. The length makes it easy enough to team up with high/low waisters, over a dress, with a skirt or...dare I say it...jogging style bottoms?? Aha honey. It really does work!!! Now this does come with matching trousers but if I were you I'd throw those aside and instead wear with some slouchy trousers, the sort your Mum would tell you 'need taking up', ignore those words of wisdom and instead embrace the relaxed feel. Add some pumps, brothel creepers or ballet flats, throw on a chunky cuff, or two, a bold ring (or two, again!) some oversized sunnies (Gem Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses, £12.00, Miss. selfridge) and head out the door. Even if the day ends in a wine bar you are more than ready for it!!! 

Go on, dare to be different. Get on the gold, embrace the lame and mix that formal and daywear to really make a statement this season!!!Xxx

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