Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kiss 'n Tell...

have been a massive fan of YSL makeup for a verrrrry long time now. Once used I promise you won't go back. The flawless finish it gives you is like nothing I have ever used before, from bronzer to lipstick to eye makeup remover, every item is fabulous. The fact that the remover is oil based gives it the wining factor in my eyes, no stinging, no redness. It really is the ultimate. But this brand just keeps getting better and better. 

Whilst shopping for remover the other day, the delightful YSL consultant introduced me to their new Babydoll kiss & blush product. It covers every colour, right from pinky/peaches to the deepest hues. It is basically a hybrid of lipstick and blusher and it's just so creamy and smooth on your skin. And at £27 it really isn't going to break the bank. My YSL blush and many, many lipsticks adds up to three times this price and probably more!!! I had this applied to my already existing makeup and it didn't shift all day. It gave me a dewy complexion and a healthy, summer glow (even though it was torrential raining outside.) But the thing I loved about it was the range of colours, I tend to go for a reddy tone but this had all sorts ideal for the holiday makeup bag. 

To apply is also so easy if you are no fan of new items. Simply use your finger to blend for a subtle daytime look and to intensify just use the applicator. It felt amazing on my skin and the colour was perfect for lips, day OR night. And the great thing is it's so compact, it can easily fit into any clutch bag for ease of topping up at any time!!! You really must try it to understand how amazing this really is. 

Book a consultation with your YSL ladies now!!! Don't miss out!!!Xxx

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