Monday, 12 May 2014

The Carding Shed...

I can't think of anything better than combining vintage clothes shopping, vintage car spotting and 'proper' British food. It's hard to believe that this exists outside of a street style environment, but I can tell you that you can get all of these things all under one small roof. 

The Carding Shed sits in the small picturesque village of Holmfirth. (For the unfamiliar, this is also where Last Of The Summer Wine set sits!!!) It is set just off the main road, so nicely away from any noise, not that there is much around this area. To the natural eye it looks like any other building/warehouse you see anywhere but upon closer inspection you see slight differences. Just at the side of the main door are two rather large sets of traffic lights, and what sits beyond is vintage car, upon car, upon car. Some in absolutely immaculate condition, others are in the middle of renovations. But they certainly don't disappoint. 

Back indoors you have the delightful 'Oil Can Cafe', serving food from delicious homemade cakes, to sandwiches and tasty looking pie and chips for the hungry ones amongst you. The waitresses stand in traditional gingham dresses with pin curls in their hair to add to the whole 'throwback' theme. The work station is held up by retro oil cans and up over your head hangs vintage bikes and laundry hanging out to dry. Bunting and fairy lights add to the post-war atmosphere as well as old petrol filling station signs, tandems and unicycles. More cars grace the dance floor right next to the cafe seating area leaving you much to admire whilst enjoying your tea out of china cups and saucers, cokes or milkshakes...whatever your tipple! The dance floor becomes just that on certain nights and you can jive the night away in your swing dresses and heels. 
The shops leave for pleasant viewing after eating - vintage garb, furniture, clothing, and antiques. It really is an amazing afternoon out! The staff are beyond friendly and the food is second to is the wine, of course I enjoyed the odd glass...or two!!!Xxx

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