Monday, 23 June 2014

IJ-Hallen Fleamarket...

So when booking your trip to Amsterdam some times it's worth checking what's going on over those days. That is of course as long as your trip isn't just about drinking and smoking the magic fumes!!! Any who, if like me you're an avid vintage shopper then I urge you to check out IJ-Hallen Fleamarket. It is the single most biggest market in Europe. It's held in the giant old NDSM shipbuilding warehouse and as long as the weather is nice you will find rows of stalls inside and outside. Boasting bric-a-brac, clothing, antiques, and general junk, but there are gems to be found. And if nothing else you can at least enjoy the free ferry over to the Noord, catch this outside the Central Station, the trip takes about 10 minutes and the views are to die for. Just be careful how close you stand to the edge, a Titanic moment might sound romantic but the odd splash of water isn't!!!

The building seems to be undergoing some work but this just adds to the effect of the whole atmosphere. Some buildings are covered in graffiti, little kiosks selling pancakes, sandwiches and fries are dotted just at the right intervals. (Where hangover has reached feed me levels!!!) 
I will admit I came away empty handed but vintage shopping is an art form, it takes major rummaging and with partner in tow this just wasn't going to happen!!!Xxx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Vogue's Fortune Cookie...

You have to give this a try, Vogue's Fortune Cookie!!! Just enter you name and date of birth and there you have it. Here's mine for today:

And as luck would have it, it would seem that I didn't pack my black nail varnish!!! Ah well, a trip to the shops is never a burden!!!Xxx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Amsterdam Street Style...

Zara Sale Has Landed...

I should really be banned from all shops!!! As we all know, sale season has arrived and I am living in a brand new city where the locals have incredible dress sense. Plus its tourist time of the year which means the streets, or rather straats, are a flood with people of all nationalities wanting to get their hands on bargains aplenty. And there are plenty of them to be had. Zara was positively bustling today, probably the busiest shop I visited. And I can quite honestly say that I could have bought everything I saw. Leaving without bags was a pretty hard task. Having said this I was reminded of previous buys (largely unworn) so home i came to try again and I fell in love with them all over. It's like I actually went shopping without having to spend any money!!! Big B will be happy! However, I tell a small lie, I did leave Zara Home with a bag, two fabulous cushions with feather edging! Lovely for my new home. I am preparing B for a return trip on the weekend to deck the house out! Perfect!!!

Another shop worth visiting is deBijenkorf. I had to skim and leave pretty sharpish, for if I'd have had a credit card it would have probably been maxed out on exit! Bags, bags and more bags, Fendi, Gucci, Valentino. 1st floor brought me Kenzo, Cos, Katrantzou...and then of course I made it to the home section. Gosh, I've changed!!! Now I shall await seeing peoples buys on Instagram and such like! Speaking of Instagram, if you would like to follow me, do so at queen_bee_cult!!!Xxx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The American Book Center...

So today I found my little haven in Amsterdam. No, no it wasn't Zara (I believe their sale may be starting today so that will be my paradise in just a few short hours) it was actually a bookshop! Yes I know I used to stay away from these even when i was doing my English degree. Opting to spend my student loan on clothes and bags instead of on actual books! But I was young and carefree and I still graduated which is definitely the main thing! Isn't it??! Anyhow, I digress. I had already found where I was going to be buying my many magazines from, a quaint little shop on the corner of Spui. Every magazine going in every language, of course I bought one in Dutch to help me learn the language a little quicker. Next door to this stands The American Book Center, magazines filling racks from floor to ceiling, wall to every wall. It was astounding, I was actually quite taken aback. The Fashion section gave Waterstone's a run for its money that's for sure! Louis Vuitton books, Parisian Chic, StreetStyle, The Sartorilaist, McQueen, just far too many to mention. Books on bloggers, blogging, photography, America...well I had to simply tear myself out of the place! If you have magazine/book/anything addiction then this is the place to be. I will definitely be visiting again today...oops. The book just fell to the cashpoint and money fell out of my purse...honest!!!Xxx


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Amsterdam Living...

So the time finally arrived. Packing up and moving on was long and arduous but a very relaxed (and drunken) ferry trip meant that my new start had commenced, our new start. We have officially lived in Amsterdam for three whole days now and I have done enough walking to compete with any pro-walker! My stiff legs are the proof. But I am determined to be fit and healthy to compensate for the beer you just HAVE to drink here. It really isn't a Wine and Prosecco kind of place!!!

I have many favourite things about this city, all culminating in it being one of my top 5 cities I have visited to date. Nearer the 1 than the 5 may I add! It's cleanliness being one of the top, very few cars means it smells alot nicer, less fumes and trash being thrown out of windows. This is no M62 kind of place! It's so compact, one minute you can being in the bustling Dam and the next on a quiet canal with no noise or people on it! House boats line the side of the canals, providing beauty and unique qualities to the city. Add to this families and friends boating in their spare time amidst tours and pedalos and ducks aplenty. It's like a true idyllic setting. Let's not forget the odd 'lady of the night' standing somewhat crudely dressed in her little 'home' beckoning one and all into her just all adds up to the beauty of this amazing city.

The fashion, the parks, the history, these are just some of the reasons to book your flight here. Such a relaxed attitude eminates from everyone and everything. Bikes flying everywhere (be certain to look both ways when crossing those roads. As it's not the cars to fear, it's the bikes. 1000's upon 1000's of bikes!!!) with suited men and heeled women. A sea of ripped denim, trainers, LV Neverfull's, Chanels, vintage buys alongside designer wears. Ahhhh it really is just perfect and as beautiful as all those tulips it grows.

Here's to a new start!!!Xxx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

My Summer Wardrobe...

This coming season may not yet feel so summery like, more like Fall/Spring. You can just never judge the British weather. Having said this, if you choose your daily destinations wisely you can still dress the exact way you want. Indoors, shopping centres, play gyms, the outfits can still be top of the list. Here is a rundown of what I am channelling this season.

Now I have been wearing ripped jeans for the past year and I shall never tire of them, from day to eve they are just so versatile.mhead to Topshop for some great looks and prices. My Topshop Boutiques are currently reigning supreme with the rips getting bigger everytime I wear them. But the bigger the better in my book!

Worn so simply yet looking so chic. From subtle knee slits to thigh and calf showing rips. Choose your look and show off some leg!!!

Next comes the florals. Shirts, blazers, dresses, they're all in. Chelsea Flower Show (the most recent inspiration in fashion) showed us all kinds of florals in their displays and on the catwalks. My love came way back in 2009 when H&M did some fabulous oversized shirts and I instantly fell in love. With white blazers, jeans, leather trousers or as a dress with a bow around the neck, they are just so
girly and pretty. SJP made me (yes, made me!!!) purchase a long floral blazer. She wears one in Mirandas weather with a full skirt and that is the very look I will be going for when I visit Amsterdam on Wednesday!  

Not forgetting the maxi this season. Be it sheer and light or heavy with ample reams of thick material, either are sure to wow! Team with chunky heels or ankle boots (my personal favourite) or dress down   With sneakers or converse for a real downtown look.

Print and leather look so amazing together, I think I would be pairing my studded sneaks with this! Come rain or shine the maxi will be out in full force this summer. 

Then of course my most favourite accessory. The trilby. Indeed there are other faves, my YSL and Chanel gold earrings, heavy bangles and multiple rings. But with Brit weather being so predictable 
you always need a cover up if the clutch bag just isn't big enough for the umbrella to fit. 

Trilbys keep the hair in tact and look amazing with any of the above and more. Straw or felt, you have to be seen with one this season. Topshop and Zara have a verrrrry nice selection. So don't miss out!!!Xxx