Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Amsterdam Living...

So the time finally arrived. Packing up and moving on was long and arduous but a very relaxed (and drunken) ferry trip meant that my new start had commenced, our new start. We have officially lived in Amsterdam for three whole days now and I have done enough walking to compete with any pro-walker! My stiff legs are the proof. But I am determined to be fit and healthy to compensate for the beer you just HAVE to drink here. It really isn't a Wine and Prosecco kind of place!!!

I have many favourite things about this city, all culminating in it being one of my top 5 cities I have visited to date. Nearer the 1 than the 5 may I add! It's cleanliness being one of the top, very few cars means it smells alot nicer, less fumes and trash being thrown out of windows. This is no M62 kind of place! It's so compact, one minute you can being in the bustling Dam and the next on a quiet canal with no noise or people on it! House boats line the side of the canals, providing beauty and unique qualities to the city. Add to this families and friends boating in their spare time amidst tours and pedalos and ducks aplenty. It's like a true idyllic setting. Let's not forget the odd 'lady of the night' standing somewhat crudely dressed in her little 'home' beckoning one and all into her lair...it just all adds up to the beauty of this amazing city.

The fashion, the parks, the history, these are just some of the reasons to book your flight here. Such a relaxed attitude eminates from everyone and everything. Bikes flying everywhere (be certain to look both ways when crossing those roads. As it's not the cars to fear, it's the bikes. 1000's upon 1000's of bikes!!!) with suited men and heeled women. A sea of ripped denim, trainers, LV Neverfull's, Chanels, vintage buys alongside designer wears. Ahhhh it really is just perfect and as beautiful as all those tulips it grows.

Here's to a new start!!!Xxx

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